Heart Rate Monitor Bra – Hallelujah!!!

I’m a fitness numbers geek, so when Numetrex sent me their new adidas miCoach Seamless Sports Bra and heart rate monitor I was beyond excited to try it out! Seriously, I opened up the package and put the sports bra on the minute I got it in the mail…

My first reaction was – “Wow this bra is actually cute!”

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 9.53.11 AM

I got “electric blue,” which I LOVE (newly obsessed with Cobalt Blue this season) and they also come in other fun colors like red and berry blast!

Looking at the front view you may be wondering, how does the HR function work?? Well it’s pretty simple and completely ELIMINATES the need for those annoying/uncomfortable heart rate monitor straps!!! I feel like I sound like an infomercial now, but seriously, anyone who regularly wears a heart rate monitor knows what I’m talking about. If you don’t, try a harsh ribbon around your ribcage and go for a run…Ok back to how it works: you click in the HR Monitor sensor right underneath the front of the bra (same area the monitor goes on your chest normally). The picture below shows a shot of the place where the monitor clips in underneath the bra…

2014-04-11 09.09.13

The Adidas/Numetrex bra syncs with most HR monitors including Garmin, Polar and Adidas. I can’t speak to the others, but anything that will clip into the bra is supposed to work. The clips are the same that are on a standard HR monitor strap.

I took the time to extensively test this sports bra before writing this review – I wore the bra in multiple strength training/HIT classes, spinning and running in order to test comfort and how well the HR monitor function works during different activities. I also tested it using multiple HR monitor sensors: Garmin, Polar and Adidas. After about a month of use, here are my thoughts:

On Fit: First reaction was, this is snug! The bra only comes in 3 sizes (S/M/L), which can sometimes make picking the right size a little difficult. I have fake boobs, so my proportions are slightly off from the “normal,” so in fairness, I never expect sports bras to fit perfectly. I’ma 32C and I got a Small. It fits perfectly around my ribcage, but is a bit too tight around my chest.

On Material: Two thumps up! I love the material! Stretchy, but not TOO stretchy. It’s a comfortable material for a sports bra, it’s not soft, but it’s not harsh or itchy either; it’s that middle ground material. It’s also pretty light so you don’t feel like your boobs are suffocating in it.

On Support: 3 Thumbs up! Apparently grew a 3rd thumb…The bra is extremely supportive. As I mentioned, I have C boobs, which require support in high impact activities. This bra kept both the girls intact while running/jumping.

On HR Monitor Compatibility: 

  • Garmin: I easily clicked in the HR monitor sensor that connects to my Garmin watch. I patted a little water onto the sensors on the bra and the signal picked up on my watch right away! The Garmin paired perfectly and seamlessly with the adidas Seamless Bra.
  • Polar: I had a little more trouble with this one. I own the Polar FT4 watch/monitor. The monitor fit and clipped in easily to the bra, but I had some trouble getting it to pair with my watch. I tried a few times and I couldn’t get the signal to pick up. I emailed the Numetrex Customer service for help and they quickly responded and were very helpful. They also followed up a couple of times to make sure  I was able to get it to work. 4 Thumbs up to Customer Service! For some reason, the Polar monitor required a LOT more water to pick up the sensor. I had to really get the bra sensor wet for the HR monitor to pick up signal. After I got it paired, it worked as long as the sensors stayed wet – so you would need to pair the device RIGHT before you go to exercise so that the sweat will keep it going. This could also just be an issue specific to my Polar monitor, I don’t really know…
  • Adidas: The Adidas BlueTooth HR Monitor is meant to be sold with the bra, and it perfectly paired together. The Adidas HR monitor pairs with the miCoach app on your smart phone. The App is actually really cool – it offers you different workouts based on your heart rate during the workout and has charts/graph results. Here are some screenshots below to give you an idea:

2014-04-11 14.32.292014-04-11 14.33.06

2014-04-11 14.32.512014-04-11 14.32.44

My only gripe with the Adidas HR Monitor, which probably wouldn’t be a big deal to most people, is that you need to have your phone on you to use the HR Monitor. I usually don’t bring my phone with me when I run, or spin. Also, the to us the app you need to be connected to BlueTooth, which has the potential to fall out of signal. Luckily the bluetooth signal did stay put for the entire hour when I used it during a class.

On Comfort: I’d give comfort an 9 out of 10 – during a work out it’s very comfortable and not intrusive or constrictive at all. You can barely even feel the HR Monitor that’s clipped into the sports bra. I have some sports bras that put a lot of pressure on my shoulders and the straps are super uncomfortable, but that is NOT this bra – the seamless design of the bra adds comfort all around, without compromising on support. The only reason I don’t give it a 10 is because ON ME it was a bit too snug around my armpits and chest.

Overall, I really love this bra and will buy another. I’m a huge fan of heart rate training and wearing a heart rate monitor also helps motivate me to work harder – I’m pushed by #’s. The only reason I don’t wear a HR monitor for every workout has simply been because the strap is super annoying/uncomfortable, but this bra completely solves for that issue. My honest opinion is if you want to use a heart rate monitor for fitness training, try out this bra.

If you have any questions, just ask!!

Question: Do you wear a Heart Rate Monitor for workouts??? Why/Why Not? 

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4 Responses to Heart Rate Monitor Bra – Hallelujah!!!

  1. tanyixiang says:


    Thanks so much for writing this review. I’m looking for an in-built heart rate monitor sports bra as well and stumbled upon your page. Can I find out on the level of padding that this sports bra provides? Also, is the maker of the sports bra Adidas? I noticed that there’s the Adidas logo on the sports bra but it’s not reflected in any of the pictures on Numetrex’s website.

    Thanks in advance!!

    PS. I read that VS recently came out with a hrm sports bra as well. Wondering if you had managed to get your hands on one? 😉

    • Hi! There’s no padding in the bra, but it’s a thick material and very snug. I’m a C cup and my ladies don’t move a millimeter in it.

      I THINK the maker is Numetrex, but branded with Adidas, does that make sense? Like how Target has special clothing lines by “xxx” designer.

      I haven’t tried the VS one, I didn’t know about it! Definitely worth checking out though.

  2. Melanie says:

    Sweet P&T,

    Can you use a Garmin or Polar HRM watch instead of a smartphone? I do not have a smartphone but I do have a Garmin 910 GPS/HRM.

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