A Thought

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That was the my quote in my high school year book. According to Google, the quote now appears to be acquainted with Sex and the City, but I could have sworn it came from the 1998 movie, Can’t Hardly Wait. Anyways, I’m getting off track per usual…

After not sleeping last night, I was in a tired/not feeling well mood today and was not in the mindset to exercise. However, I had signed up for a Soul Cycle Community Ride (new instructors giving free classes = awesome); no way did I want to give up a free class and I’m glad I didn’t. Towards the end of class the teacher recited over and over my high school yearbook quote with passion, “you need to let go of who you were to become who you’re going to be.” I could tell this quote meant a lot to her and at some point it meant a lot to me; but words often hold different meaning at different points in our lives. Today the words that had once held a lot of truth for me just felt wrong. I thought:

Maybe you need to let go of who you were to realize that, that is who you were always meant to be

Just a thought.

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