Practical & NonSensical

Last night I went to happy hour with a co-worker and a couple of friendly clients. We were enjoying some beers at Rattle n’ Hum and everyone was teasing me about my boot and the conversation obviously transgressed to running. I mentioned that it’s been so nice out that even with the boot on I’ll be walking down the street and have the strong urge to just start running. One of my clients turns to me and says, “I think you were just born to run.” This was seriously the best drunk comment from an acquaintance that I’ve received in a long time and it warmed my heart 🙂

Lately I’ve heard a lot of “maybe you shouldn’t run,” and “maybe this is a sign to stop,” or the always hates, “running is bad for you.” All of the negative comments have come from coworkers, or not-great friends. I understand that people mean well when they say those things, but honestly they’re just being mean idiots. I do take other peoples’ comments to heart, but sometimes people telling me not to do something just makes me want to do it more. My fire to run has been fueled.

So when my so kind client next asked me if I would be attempting to run a marathon again (3rd attempt that would be), I replied without hesitation – “Yes, definitely.”

You see, I’m a practical person at heart – I always wear sneakers to walk; I don’t wear white because let’s be honest, it will get dirty; and I wear my frizzy hair in a pony tail if it’s raining no matter what the occasion. However, I will also always be a dreamer, fighter and hold hope. So yeah, I’m willing to call myself nonsensical with pride.

As of today, these pretty feet are official free of The Boot, given no pain rears it’s head…

And while I’m still enjoying my time off from running and my yoga/cycling/TRX adventures, one day I will run again…and one day I will run 26.2 miles. I may break my foot a few times before then, I may endure shin splints and probably get about 10 more injuries, but the point is that I will one day run a marathon. And if you ask me why? The answer is because I want to.

QUESTIONS: Have people ever tried to discourage you from your dreams because they are too practical?

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5 Responses to Practical & NonSensical

  1. Dori says:

    I know exactly how you feel. So many people have tried to talk me out of running. Right before I started my second half marathon, my mom said I should consider stopping running after the race. Why?? Last year a doctor told me I am too pale to run a marathon. Then a friend who is also in the health field tried to convince me I shouldn’t run the marathon. But I wanted to run it, so I did (even though it took me two tries). You’ll run yours!

  2. My mom always points out how many people die while running a marathon. I point out to her that the benefit outweighs the risk!

  3. You will run 26.2 and it will be next year with me! And we will both stay injury-free, I know it (may have to get my foot checked out though, ugh)!

    I’ve gotten the “you’re crazy” too from people, but I just ignore it because they don’t understand what it feels like to cross the finishline after training for 3+ months for a race. Theres just nothing like that feeling. We are RUNNERS!

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