August Review and September Goals!

At the beginning of August I made a few goals. The absent-minded person I am, though, I only remembered one of them: complete a 15mile long run.

Today I went back to look at what I had jotted my goals down as for August. Here’s the goals I have set and how I did:

  1. Get my long run up to 15 miles MOTHER F**ING COMPLETE! Painful and not real fun, but I got in my 15mile run on the last day of the Month. I had planned to do 15miles mid-month, but a bad cold set me back. I honestly didn’t think I’d complete this one, but yeah, I did and I’m extremely proud.
  2. Run 3 days a week. The key part here is ONLY running 3 days a week. I get antsy and overzealous as my mileage builds up and want to go run crazy, but I need to stay on track and avoid over-training. Well, I definitely ONLY ran 3 days a week, but due to that cold I mentioned (and hate hate hate) I had to rest more and only ran 2 days for 2 weeks. It’s best I did not complete this goal when I was sick, so this is a “good fail.”
  3. Spin 1 day a week (Soul-Cycle obviously, since I’m newly obsessed). I think this helps me with my 1st goal by giving me another energy releasing, endorphin building outlet.  It also makes my glute muscles really sore, which means they must be working and building strength. Complete! Even with my cold, which I probably shouldn’t have been spinning. Soul Cycle is a “happy place” for me though, so this one was easy. 
  4. Strength train 3 days a week. This can mean just 15min – 20min at home as long as it’s a good solid, core strength building workout. Oh and I just got my kettlebells in the mail! Major FAIL. I’d say I strength trained for real about once a week, with core/PT exercises thrown in here and there in front of the TV. This is a “not good” fail. I really need to focus on strength training again, but it’s become a chore. 

So 2 for 4 goals complete and one of the goals I’m giving myself a by; so re-calculate to 3 for 4 goals completed. Not bad for not remembering I had goals 😉

On to September. New month and I’m hoping for a new outlook. Getting sick and being set back in my marathon training really got me down. I know by the looks of things my training is back up again, after all I did run 15miles on Friday, but it’s not. My body is not recovering from long runs and intense exercise like it was pre-sickness period. My 15 mile run put me out for 3 days and I’m still partially sore. I went back to Refined Method last week and I felt depleted — I managed to use the same weights, but felt much harder. On top of it, I got a massage and my foot has been hurting me ever since. So yeah, I’m mentally out of the running game and would like admission back in — where can I buy a ticket?

Since I likely will not find a golden ticket (bummer), I’m going to need to find a new way to get my mental game back. Suggestions are welcome. In the meantime, here are my September goals:

  1. Cut back on exercise. Yes, I said it and mean it. Prior to getting sick, I was going crazy with exercise and losing focus on my true goal — running the NYCM. I need to prioritize my exercise better, not just exercise more. This means less Soul Cycle (tear) and more strength training, yoga and RUNNING. Running needs to be my main focus, though. I don’t want to miss a run because I’m sore from spinning the night before.
  2. Keep running fun! This means running dates (sign-ups welcome!) and just listening to my body and running the distance that feels good. I need to still push myself to get my runs in, but if I have 6miles on the agenda and I’m just not feeling it, I will stop at 4 and be OK with it. When I push myself to run too much, it becomes a chore.
  3. Run 18 miles. I was going to say 17, but heck, mine as well reach for the stars.
  4. Stop second, third and fourth guessing myself and my ability — I can do this, I can do anything. I have a beautiful Erica Sarah necklace to remind me that all I need is…

QUESTIONS: Please help me, how can I get my head back into the “running game?” What are your September goals? 

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3 Responses to August Review and September Goals!

  1. For me the hardest part is getting started–you know, actually putting on the running gear and getting outside. Once I get started, the runs are easy and generally enjoyable. I’ve started making rules for myself…”you can go out tonight IF you go for a run first!” that way I have a reward and/or some manufactured motivation for my run.

    I hope you bust out of your rut!

  2. Jen says:

    I’ve been in an anti-strength training rut, too! I’ve been doing it but I have to go to a class for it to happen, I just can’t seem to motivate myself in the gym lately. I’m hoping it’s just a phase since the classes I like are expensive!

    On my long runs, it used to be the first mile was hard, but now it’s the first 2-3 or even 4 miles. I totally understand how you’re feeling! It can be so hard to push through, but I just remind myself of how good I feel at the end of achieving a goal. I think I need to start doing my long runs with someone so it’s not 90 minutes solo running!

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