iRun Because I Can’t Stop

On day 12 and counting of having a cold turned bronchitis. I’m cranky, I’m lethargic, I’m antsy, I’m bored, I’m annoyed…This morning I made it out for a 6 mile run, which I should be proud of and I am, but I did it because I was scared of losing my endurance and drive for marathon training. Today I ran because I can’t stop…and I ran because it was hard, NOT despite the fact that it was hard… Here’s a reminder of other reasons I run…


QUESTION: Why did you run today?

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3 Responses to iRun Because I Can’t Stop

  1. Megan@ Run Like a Grl says:

    Glad you got in a run! I love the line in that picture that says “I run because it gives me so much in return”… So true! It makes me feel strong and happy.

  2. runlivelaugh says:

    I ran because I have to run to stay sane! I am so printing off that picture as well and sticking it to my office door! Glad you are on the mend, and don’t worry about endurance – you have all people can prove that nothing can get in your way, or hold you back.

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