Succombing to Rest

This morning I woke up feeling 100x better than I did yesterday, which really just means 100x better than sheer crap. Still not well enough to partake in any physical activity besides walking a block to get more food, because apparently that whole “loss of appetite” thing isn’t part of my sickness. I attempted to be a good employee and go into work, but the minute I got there and started coughing and blowing my nose, my boss sent me right home.

So today I spent another day sitting on my couch. I was bored, lonely and starting to get really down. The worst part about being sick is that I feel like I will lose the momentum I’ve gained in my marathon training. I was doing so good, keeping up with my runs, strength training, even adding in spin as cross-training. Last week was my cut-back week, which means I was ready to kill it this week. The only thing I’ve killed thus far is a box of tissues…and a few boxes of cookies (a cookie a day keeps the doctor away, right?).

Depressed, down on myself and cranky, I came across this on P-Interest and it instantly calmed me:

RIGHT NOW I need to rest so that I can get to where I want to be on November 3rd. I should embrace rest because there’s very few times in my life I allow myself to just “be” and rest. I think that would be easier if this was comfortable rest, like on a beach in Maui with a cocktail; as opposed to in NYC with 90% humidity and my head feeling like it may burst at any moment. C’est le vie…

So anyways, right now I rest…

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4 Responses to Succombing to Rest

  1. Feel better!! Sometimes taking a few rest days off from running (whether you are sick or not) will help you come back stronger than before!

  2. I was sick this week, too! Running 14+ miles can take a toll on your immune system, huh? My recommendation? Sleep, sleep, sleep, and then order the spicy duck noodle soup from Republic in Union Square. I’m pretty sure that delicious dish is what jumpstarted my recovery.

    • I think this is the best suggestion I’d had!!! If you add in eating cupcakes I’m sold 🙂

      Hope you’re feeling better! I thought I was this morning, went to Soul Cycle, now feeling a little worn out/clogged up again.

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