Being Sick Sucks

Creative title right? I thought so myself.

Last week my boyfriend was sick, so it was no surprise when I woke up Thursday morning feeling a little under the weather and Friday feeling even worse. Since Friday my cold has just since spiraled from “not feeling great” to “I think I’d dying” by Saturday afternoon. Such as with injuries, I’ve learned that I’m not good at taking care of myself with sickness either. Sure I exercise and eat healthy and do everything to prevent a cold, but sometimes they’re just unavoidable. The second I feel a twinge of a sore throat, or runny nose is when the denial kicks in.  “I’m just run down,” is what I told myself Thursday and Friday.

Long before the thought that I was getting a cold, I had decided to make last week a cut-back week in my NYCM training — meaning a 8-10mile long run instead of continuing to up my mileage. My legs were feeling a few more aches than normally, so I knew it was the right time to give myself a slight break (an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!). Well I guess it was a sign a faith, or maybe my body rebelling at me because it really does want to work harder, because Friday morning when I woke up at 6am to meet my long lost running buddy (ie, Kristine who moved away from me 😦 ) for a long run, I felt like shear crap. Kristine was coming downtown a few miles to meet me, so there was no way I was going to bail on her, plus I wanted to get my long run over with before the weekend anyways. So I dragged my ass out of bed, has a Clif Mocha Gel Shot because my stomach wasn’t feeling well enough to take food and headed out. Neither of us were in the mood to run, but having company made it bare-able. It was painfully obvious that neither of us were feeling this run — might I add it was 77 degrees with 90% humidity. Anyways to cut the story short, I wanted to make it 10 miles because my coach told me to do 8-10miles and of course I always go for the gold. Getting to 8miles was pushing it, so when my Garmin hit 8 I stopped on the verge of puking. I was likely dehydrated despite having drank 24ounces of water (I was also covered and DRIPPING in sweat) and didn’t have enough to eat since my stomach couldn’t handle food when I left.

The rest of Friday I continued to feel like crap, but blamed it on waking up early and not getting enough sleep. Not sure how lack of sleep causes a sore throat, but hey I’m no doctor…

By Saturday morning feeling like crap went to feeling like shit (sorry, I’m big on toilet lingo). My plan was to completely rest on Saturday, but that didn’t happen. I had only done 1 strength training session during the week and wanted to get in one more. I was also tired and “blah.” So I did my version of flipping the coin — I texted Mariell to see if she wanted to go to a Tone and Tighten class at Uplift Studios. If she said yes, I’d go; if she said no, I’d rest. Mariell said yes. I’m actually really glad I went because I enjoyed the class. It was perfect for what I wanted that day too — no cardio, all strength, but nothing overly sweaty or heart pumping. The intense resistance band and body weight exercises of this class were perfect and I felt better about getting some strength training in.

The rest of Saturday, though, I kind of continued with the theme of “sick and in denial.” Instead of resting after class, I met up with a friend to look at bikes, got coffee…and then went to dinner and drinks with the bf. Despite having a cold I was ravenous all day, so I went with a burger and fries and beer — obviously the most healthy option. The beer actually helped really helped my sickness disappear for a couple of hours, it was like magic! I did go to bed super early at least.

Now by Sunday I was fully, 100% SICK. There was really no denying it, but who am I to cancel plans that were made a week ago? I had been looking forward to going to Soul Survivor at Soul Cycle, an hour long vs. 45min spin class, with my friend Sarah the whole week and I didn’t want to miss it. So I went and I gave it my all and I pretty much rocked the class. There were times when I felt mucus coming up my lungs, but no biggie right? :-/

After Soul Cycle, I went to coffee with Sarah and then to look at more bikes…then walked 3 miles home. Are you starting to see a pattern with no rest involved?

The fact that I had to stop at Jamba Juice on my walk home just so I didn’t pass out (and this was not a hunger thing, I had eaten two breakfasts already) should have been a sign, but I didn’t take it. It was such a beautiful day, so I went to Madison Square Park with my boyfriend to eat lunch. After about an hour I was antsy again and was really getting excited about getting a new bike, so we went back to the UES to test ride some bikes and meet up with his friend that knows everything about bikes. 2 hours we both left the bike store with our pockets a lot lighter 🙂

Finally after a long day of running around, I got home at 7pm and finally got to that whole resting thing.

I may not be amazing at knowing what’s best for me, but luckily I have enough awesome people in my life to tell me.

So at the advice of my many wonderful friends and boyfriend, I called in sick today and am resting. Luckily I have some good buddies with me 🙂


I was freaking out last night about getting off my training schedule, but some rational thinking calmed me down. I am up to 13miles and have 12 weeks until the NYCM, I’m better off resting and getting better now than risking dragging it out.

Despite the gorgeous weather I will not run today, I will not run today, I will not run today…Now I just need to continue repeating that to myself…

QUESTION: How do you deal with being sick!? I’m a big baby 🙂



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5 Responses to Being Sick Sucks

  1. Feel better! I am the worst at being sick, at least admitting I’m sick. I usually don’t and then end up sicker. Get lots of rest today!!

  2. Sleep and lots of hot honey lemonade.

  3. Glad you got yourself some rest girl, your body must have needed it! You’ll be tip top for November.. don’t worry. Being sick does suck though, the title of this post says it all!!

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