Epiphany of the Day!

Over the past 6 months I’ve gone from being scared of organized group fitness classes, to being absolutely obsessed. After going to Refine Method this morning with Ashley (group class #1), I then found myself in a yoga class over lunch (group class #2) — seriously who am I?! Where is Katherine??

Although I love yoga, always enjoy it when I’m there and recognize and appreciate the benefits of the practice (posture, alignment, flexibility, strength…peace of mind), actually getting myself motivated to go to a yoga class is somewhat of a tedious task.  Going during lunch is a little easier because when weighing sitting at my desk vs. spending some time in child’s pose, I think you know which wins. Anyways, I’m getting a little off track…

While holding a warrior two pose in my 2nd group class of the day I had an epiphany of why I’ve become so addicted to group classes lately — i.e. Soul Cycle, Refine Method, Uplift, Core Fusion, etc.  I like being told what to do.

For anyone who knows me well this is where they gasp, laugh and think I’ve lost my mind. I am not a person who enjoys being told what to do, or even allows it. I’m somewhat opinionated, stubborn, anal and generally like to do things my own way and learn from my own mistakes. I make the rules. Growing up, school was always somewhat of a struggle because I really didn’t appreciate teachers telling me what to do. My parents know best that I didn’t react well to them telling me what to do. My boyfriend wouldn’t dare tell me what to do. Even in work, I’ve gravitated towards a role where I have ownership and lead the reigns.

I spend every other aspect of my life making decisions and coming up with plans; a fitness class is the one place where I get to just take the back seat. I’m not the expert, I’m not the leader — I’m just an eager pupil. Being fed directions during a workout helps me zone out of the rest of my life and just focus on the moves at hand.

So I have to schedule a class ahead of time and lose my money if I don’t show up? Even better! The commitment (eeekk the word makes me cringe) takes away the self-induced stressed I bring on myself by going back and forth a billion times before the class on “whether or not I really want to go to the class, or feel up to it.”

Also, I work harder in group classes. I actually came to this epiphany because my legs were tired and sore from running/Refine/life, but we were still holding the darn Warrior 2 pose. If I was doing yoga alone in my apartment, the Warrior two would have become a downward dog ages ago, but the teacher kept talking us through the alignment and where to focus. I was just following instructions and wasn’t going to move until the teacher gave us the next direction.

So yeah, there’s my epiphany of the day!

QUESTIONS: What epiphanies did you have today? Any “aha” moments? Why do you like or dislike group fitness classes?

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2 Responses to Epiphany of the Day!

  1. I have got to try some of these classes with you! I have a feeling I may just fall in love with most of them. I definitely enjoy not having to make decisions with exercise either when I go to classes, I just do it and don’t have to think about it!

  2. I know what you mean. I find that I work so much harder in group classes, and as a result leave feeling awesome nearly every time. So to answer your question: I LOVE group fitness classes. 🙂

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