August Goals

Before I set my goals in August, let me share with you what I’ve learned in July:

  1. 3 days a week of running is sustainable and perfect for me mentally and physically — With running only 3 days a week, it gives me flexibility in my training plan. If I miss a run one day because I’m tired, in pain, sore, or it’s 100,000,000 degrees outside, it’s OK! There’s more days in the week to make up that run without feeling like I’m cramming it in.
  2. I probably need more rest days — I haven’t taken many rest days in July, only 5 to be exact. Physically I feel fine, but I’m starting to mentally feel run down. The problem I struggle with is that rest days make me feel lethargic and crappy. Maybe I can add in more rest days and make rest days = light yoga/out door casual biking days.
  3. Spinning is a great cardio workout for those days where I just NEED to sweat and move my legs, but shouldn’t run. I just want to highlight, though, that I mean spinning with good form is a good workout — Abs should be working hard and your butt should burn. If I spin and don’t pay attention to form, I’ll just be risking an IT band injury all over again.
  4. I can actually get a good strength training exercise at home in just 20min. Will be even easier to increase my weights once my kettlebells arrive in the mail next Wed! It’s just kind of hard to hold a BULKY 25lbs weight while doing lunges, kettlebells make it much easier.

Now onto goals…August means 3 months until NYCM. The marathon is creeping up, but still a ways to go so I need to make sure to keep training correctly and maintain balance:

  1. Get my long run up to 15 miles
  2. Run 3 days a week. The key part here is ONLY running 3 days a week. I get antsy and overzealous as my mileage builds up and want to go run crazy, but I need to stay on track and avoid over-training.
  3. Spin 1 day a week (Soul-Cycle obviously, since I’m newly obsessed). I think this helps me with my 1st goal by giving me another energy releasing, endorphin building outlet.  It also makes my glute muscles really sore, which means they must be working and building strength.
  4. Strength train 3 days a week. This can mean just 15min – 20min at home as long as it’s a good solid, core strength building workout. Oh and I just got my kettlebells in the mail!
  5. Keep rolling, rolling, rolling…
  6. 1 yoga class a week — I stretch multiple times a day and I’m naturally very very flexible, but I feel like I commit more to my stretches in a yoga class, get deeper into them. I also think yoga helps a lot with my body alignment and mental balance 🙂
  7. Find BALANCE. Marathon training is going to start to feel long and arduous real fast if I don’t take more effort to find balance between training and living a fun, happy, social life. Sure I try to make even my workouts social by running with people, or going to classes with friends, but that’s not enough. I’m 27 and although I feel like I’m 90 most days, I’m not. I need to ease up, relax and remember that a couple of drinks at happy hour will not kill my morning run.

QUESTION: What are your August goals? Share with me what you learned in July!

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3 Responses to August Goals

  1. Love your August goals! I have the same issue with not taking enough rest days and also not running more than I should. Some days I really just want to run but honestly another IT Band injury scares me so much that I don’t push it anymore. Great job with strength training, I need a ton of that to keep this knee in check!

  2. Great set of goals. I too tend to get a little overzealous with wanting to work out most days of the week. My goal, since I started training for the marathon, was to be particular about rest days. Burn-out is inevitable without them and I dont want that to happen as I am trying to up the mileage.

  3. These are really good goals!! I want to focus on keeping my strength up for arms/abs. I also have a lofty goal of 150 miles this month — eek, we’ll see!!

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