No Regrets

I have not run for two weeks — I’m struggling to get over my IT Band injury that seemed to have reared it’s ugly head again during the Brooklyn Half. After attempting a few small, painful and not fun runs the two weeks following the Half, I decided it was time for another break. I hate take week long run breaks because I lose my endurance, but if I’m not enjoying it AND it’s hurting me — shit I know enough to know to stop. The difference between this recovery period and my last one was that I’ve actual found other exercise outlets to keep me entertain (aka obsessed with Refine and ReGroup is even better because I can workout outside).

I’ve never considered myself one to have regrets. I’ve pretty much followed my heart and done what makes me happy in my 27 years of life and I’ve ended up in a pretty good spot (ups and downs included). Being injured (eeek it pains me even to say those two words) has got me thinking about regrets, though, and what would have been if only I had stopped during that 20mile run? What if I had strength trained more? What if I had not run so much? Obviously those questions will always probe me, but there’s nothing I can do, but look ahead. I can across an article titled, 12 Things You Should Be Able to Say About Yourself and this one spoke to me:

Here’s to enjoying life and no regrets:

Big bow and all…

Seriously, who can regret this?

Drinking life to the last drop..

Nope, a storm won’t hold me down.

Yep, I have TWO pets.

You WILL see this smiling face at the end of a finish line again 🙂

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3 Responses to No Regrets

  1. I loved that article! The 12 things you should be able to say about yourself…

  2. Great post. I am actually working on resting/recovering from an ankle injury (which, coincidentally, i just posted about today), and I love your positive spin in the situation and on doing what makes you happy.

  3. runlivelaugh says:

    Great blog and great attitude! I love the photos too – especially the one of you and your BF 🙂

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