Weekly Wisdom #3

Due to the holiday weekend and my sheer laziness, I’m a little late on the weekly wisdom post this week. I’m a little lacking on motivation myself this week, but I came across the quotes I’m about to share with you and they both made me smile in a special way:

This quote felt close to my heart this week because I am lacking in motivation to run. My spirit is a bit hurt from IT band pain that has resurfaced. That IS what running is, though, testing limits of the human heart. My heart has been tested a few too many times, but maybe it’s because my big red pumping muscle also knows I can handle it.

…and this quote really brought a grin to my face:

I have a tendency to write off a lot of good things that have happened in my life and/or accomplishments to being sheer luck. Sometimes it good to have a reminder to give yourself credit.

Have a wonderful week and remember you CAN keep going and please pat yourself on the back along the way 🙂

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One Response to Weekly Wisdom #3

  1. Kara says:

    Thanks for this! So true that we need to remember when we put hard work in…it’s not always just a wonderful stroke of luck!

    This reminds me of my favorite sign I saw in the Brooklyn Half…it said “YES YOU CAN!!” Love it.

    Hope that stupid IT band stops hurting veryyyy soon!

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