Weekly Wisdom, #2

This week I feel like I’ve found the perfect quote that explains where I am and where I need to be:

This week, try just a little harder to keep moving forward. For me this means some career changes; it means blogging a little more; it means rolling/stretching/strength training and other physical activities that will prepare me to complete one of my 2012 goals.

I tend to be a person that’s always looking for instance gratification, instance success, instance fun, but some times you need to crawl before you walk; learn to read before you write a book; ride a bike before you become a triathlete…you get the idea 😉

QUESTION: Do you ever feel like you’re standing still? What can you do or have you done to keep moving forward? What are you going to do this week that will help prepare you for success in the future?

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3 Responses to Weekly Wisdom, #2

  1. runlivelaugh says:

    Great post, and a really strong visual! Looking forward to hearing all about these exciting things going on for you! I agree with you 100% on the instant gratification – plus I am super impatient and want results and success now! 🙂

    To move forward I have to stay still at the moment, literally, due to this damn tendonitis. However I am digging deep and trying to stay positive. If I don’t rest it, I will never heal and then that will be cause for concern.

    Have a great day 🙂

  2. Starting a new job can be both exciting and scary! Think positive and make sure you take some time for yourself. Whenever I feel like i am standing still I take “Megan” time and re-evaluate my goals and think about how I can achieve them.

  3. Kara says:

    I always remind myself that little steps help me move forward, even if its slowly, it’s still progress! (hard for me to accept but I’m trying!)

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