I’m not a food blogger, but I DO love food

Recently I’ve been inspired by Dara‘s mission to try as much good food as she can in NYC before she moves back to Toronto. I have a deep love for good quality, delicious food. Not buffet style feasts or diet foods, but GOOD food.  I’ve lived in NYC for about 7 years, but I don’t feel like I’ve tried enough of the tasty treats the city has to offer. So with Dara as my inspiration (and guide for some restaurant picks) I’m attempting to try more new food spots. I’m not a food blogger, but I want to share with you some of my recent “endeavors”…

Brioche French Toast from Kitchentte in Tribeca:

I’m not normally craving sweets for breakfast, but Friday I met Dara and Leticia for breakfast after a 9mile run and I was craving something carb-o-licious and delicious! These large slices of Brioche French Toast with strawberries and a side of maple syrup did the trick. My belly was highly please. Kitchenette an adorable and very casual, which was perfect for an 8:30am, sweaty breakfast with the girls. It’s definitely a place I’d go back to if I was in the area.

Up next, Friday night I went to get my favorite margaritas in the world. Skinny Girl margarita at El Rio Grande in Murray Hill:

My girl friends and I refer to these as “roofy margaritas.” 1 and you’re drunk, 2 and you’re off the chair. They’re pricey ($15 for skinny girl, $10 for regular), but you truly get your bang for your buck. I think this picture explains why I chose to run Friday AM instead of Saturday.

Saturday, the eating fest continued. My boyfriend and I went to Northern Spy Food Co. for dinner. Upon recommendation and web reviews, we order the Kale Salad as a starter:

I’m a little torn about how I feel about the salad. The soft cheddar, sweet potatoes and chopped hazelnuts were wonderful additions. I really enjoyed the salad and liked it for a Kale salad (I usually think of kale as not being real tasty), but it didn’t blow me away. I mean, if I was faced with this kale salad vs. the Blue Crab Crostini at ABC Kitchen — the crostini would win hands down.

For an entree I had Long Island Fluke:

Now, the Fluke I was impressed with. It was perfectly cooked and surprisingly had a somewhat similar flaky (but less buttery) texture to Chilean Sea-bass (my favorite fish). The green stuff is a fava bean puree. The flavors in the dish popped and worked perfectly in harmony. Overall I thought the food was fresh, slightly innovative, high quality and tasty. The restaurant is tiny and has a quaint/East Village atmosphere, but the acoustics were terrible and it was very noisy. I enjoyed my meal and would recommend to try once, but I’m not sure I’ll be going back.

…and lasty, the weekend of food goodness ended with Mother’s Day brunch with the family! We went to Back Forty in alphabet city; this one was actually picked by my brother. We started with donuts for the table:

OMG IN LOVE. Enough said. These came out warm and were smeared with a fresh honey glaze. They were light, fluffy, sweet and delicious. Seriously, the best donut I’ve ever had. I’d go back for these alone, but the rest of the meal did not disappoint. I got Soft Scrambled Eggs with herbs, a touch of ricotta cheese, a tomato & olive paste and accompanied with a warm home-made biscuit:

Note that Back Forty does not make egg whites. However, the portion size was pretty small so it was only about 1 – 2 eggs anyways. I really liked this. Scrambled eggs are pretty simple, but these were just extra yummy and perfectly cooked. Everything on the plate just worked nicely together. I would definitely go back to Back Forty. On top of the good food, the atmosphere is super casual, but trendy/cute at the same time. It wasn’t noisy at all and the staff was friendly and didn’t rush us. Basically hit all my checks for a good brunch spot. They had a nice looking bar too and I love sitting at a bar sipping cocktails.

There you have it, my weekend food adventures! My plan is to keep up trying new places and wonderful foods!

Questions: Share with me your delicious food stories! What’s the best thing you’re ever ate? What’s the best restaurant you’ve ever been to? Any recommendations!??

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10 Responses to I’m not a food blogger, but I DO love food

  1. WANT those doughnuts!!!

    im obsessed with the madison square eats food tent things. sooo many amazing options!

  2. runlivelaugh says:

    I loved Blossom on the Upper West Side which I tried when I came to NYC in March, you should check it out!

    In the UK, well in my little backwater village, we don’t have quite as much choice as you but there are some super places – you’ll have to come over to check them out!

  3. daragurau says:

    You are turning into an amazing food blogger! Back forty sounds fantastic! I think you need to try The Fat Radish in the LES. Love it there…had an amazing beet and goat cheese crumble and celery root pot pie. Also, venture into Brooklyn and go to Allswell, Gwynett St. and Traif in Williamsburg and Talde in Park Slope.

    Then come visit me in Toronto and I will show you some of it’s best restaurants!

  4. Ooh these all sound awesome! We love Baby Bo’s, Spotted Pig, Redhead, Pies N Thighs, Joya/Song (same co.), Meatball Shop, Shorty’s… my list could go on forever. 🙂

  5. umm all that looks so good. I love good too 🙂

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