Saturday Fun Run Day!

Want to know one of the best parts about being able to run again? Running dates with awesome running buddies!

This past Saturday I had a run date planned with Dara (who writes an awesome food blog!), followed by brunch with Dara and Annie. Obviously my pending run date early Saturday morning made me really excited to stay in Friday night and prepare properly:

With wine and TV of course. Oh and some “homemade” ravioli in a mushroom truffle sauce (aka a frozen bag from Trader Joe’s). Even if my homemade ravioli did originate in a bag, it was delicious!!! When I first started running, I was afraid to drink the night before a long run. Luckily, I’ve long since expelled that notion and at this point, wine helps calm my nerves and fear that every long run will be the start to a new injury.

Friday morning I happily woke up at 7:30am, had a whole-wheat english muffin with peanut butter, did some foam rolling and headed out the door by 8:05am (like the exactness? I’m kind of a timeliness freak) in order to meet Dara on the West side. Another wonderful thing about long runs? You can meet up with friends from all over! Dara lives in Brooklyn and I live in Manhattan, but during a long run it’s no problem to meet up because the point is to go far anyways!

I met up with Dara about 3.5miles into my run. My plan was to at least run 8miles with an ultimate goal of hitting 10miles. During my 8mile long run the previous weekend, I had a minor freakout, which is why I wasn’t totally setting my sights on 10miles. My freakout was not because of ITB pain. Nope, my freakout was caused by the fact that 8 miles exhausted me and took such an aerobic toll on my body. It’s hard when one day 18 miles feels fabulous and then a pesky injury and a couple of months later, 8 miles is tough. But in the words of the french, “C’est le vie.” Apparently running with a friend was the trick to getting my running mentally back on track. Chatting with Dara from miles 3.5 – 10 made time fly by. I guess I just ruined the ending, but yes, I made it to 10miles! I had a Clif gel with me, but the energy of running with a friend seemed to do the trick and no energy gel was needed.

Around mile 8.5 it started to rain, but it didn’t bother me at that point. I was already planning on going to brunch smelly, why not wet too?  We finished run right infront of Prune in the East Village around 9:55am, just in time to get in line for when the restaurant opens at 10am. Annie met us there as well. Luckily getting there super early (really, who brunches in NY at 10am? Oh yeah, runners) we didn’t have to wait at all, although we were not the only people in line.  The restaurant filled up the second the doors opened, which is partially due to the fact that Prune is tiny. We squeezed into a cozy two person table in the corner and got started with the necessities:

Bloody Mary’s and a delicious champagne cocktail made of champagne and pear brandy. I don’t like Bloody Mary’s so the champagne cocktail was mine. I can’t speak to the bloody’s, but the champagne cocktail was delicious! It was champagne with a slight ping of sweetness and alcohol. Perfect 10:30am drink…

Next came the food. I advise you to visit Dara’s Blog in the coming days to read her review because it will be a lot more eloquent then mine.

I got “Spicy Stewed Chickpeas,” which was 2 butter-crumbed-breaded poached on top of stewed chickpeas in a spicy tomato like based sauce. Flat bread came with it as well:

I have to say it was tasty. The chickpea stew was my favorite part. The eggs were delicious, but a little heavy and buttery for my taste.

Annie and Dara split the Dutch Style Pancake (yes no “s” on pancake) and an omelet and were kind enough to let me dig into the pancake as well :-). The pancake was delicious, but I’m not sure I’d classify it as a pancake — I’d more consider it a cake in a pan. It was huge and thick, but fluffy and had a nice sprinkling of sugar on top, as well as sour cream and a blueberry sauce.  It tasted like a less dense coffee cake to me.

Overall, I highly enjoyed my brunch meal at Prune, but I don’t think it’s a place I’d go back to and likely would not wait in a long line for it. Honestly, though, food was not the highlight of the meal. I had a wonderful time chatting with my new friends and getting to know them better!

I’m not sure if I mentioned, but I’m running the Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 20th. I signed up when registration opened in early April, not really knowing if I’d be able to run 13.1 miles by then, but figured it was worth a shot. I’ve heard great things about the course and I was sad I was unable to run it last year because of an injury, so I didn’t want to be sidelined again. After Saturday’s long run, I feel a lot more comfortable about running the Half and I feel like I’m in a good spot.

Questions: What did you do this weekend? Any fun brunchs/runs?

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3 Responses to Saturday Fun Run Day!

  1. runlivelaugh says:

    Why, why oh why do i not live in NYC? The most exciting thing I have ever eaten post run is shop-bought baklava and mulled wine from the boot of my friends car!

    Yay for 10 miles and new friends!

  2. daragurau says:

    Your food review was SPOT on! Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks for the run and tour of lower Manhattan! It made running in the rain so much more enjoyable! Can’t wait for our next date!

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