Short and Simple…

…that was my run.

Today  ran for 10 minutes pain freeee!!!!!!!!!!! Yey yey yey! This deserves a who blog post, right? I thought so too 🙂

7 weeks ago (ish) I ran 20miles with a smile on my face, today I was terrified to even put on my sneakers.  I knew I had to do it though. My IT band is still feeling tight and sore, but I had a cortisone shot 4 days ago and I needed to find out if it helped at all. Not to mention it’s a beautiful day out in NYC (66 degrees and sunny!) and I’m working from home, which grants me the ability to do an afternoon run.

I got dressed in my favorite Lululemon shorts, Queen’s Half Marathon T-shirt (for inspiration) and looped my “soul mate” bracelet around my wrist — figured I’d bring my running buddy along in spirit :-). I foam rolled, did some exercises to activate my butt muscles and headed out the door. The first step was scary, but as my feet got going, I started to smile. It didn’t hurt, or feel weird at all! I jaunted along the streets of NY with a big grin on my face. I’m estimating I ran about 1mile and ran for 10min and 27 seconds. I don’t want to push myself and risk advancing my injury, so 10min was fine by me! This is me post run, all smiles:

By the excitement I have you’d think I just ran a marathon! Nope, 10mins, but a PAIN FREE 10minutes my friends is worth a million miles in pain.

I am by NO MEANS recovered, but today, for the first time in 7 weeks, I made progress….

Wednesday goal = 15min. Now I’m in the big leagues baby!!!

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3 Responses to Short and Simple…

  1. yay for runing pain free!! I wish I got to see you last night! Hopefully I see you soon!

  2. Congrats! It is about time for some goods news! I’m so excited for your upcoming trip and race.

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