Random Q&A — didn’t you know…

Hi Y’all —

Recently I’ve been posted in two blogger Q&A’s (thanks Helen and Katie!). I love the little things you learn about people through these, so I’ve decided to keep the chain going…

Here is how it works:

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section like “you are tagged if you are reading this”.You (the blogger) legitimately have to tag 11 (or so) people.

I’m going to Answer both Helen and Katie’s questions in mine.

11 Random Things About Me:

  1. I hate bacon — seriously. It’s not a “health” thing, the tast and smell makes me want to vomit
  2. I became a vegetarian at age 8 (in a family of meat eaters) because I had a bad dream about a cow turning into a hamburger. I was a strict vegetarian for 13 years, then I went full force into steak. Today I’m a 80% vegetarian (other 20% mainly fish).
  3. I don’t like eating when I’m dirty, I usually shower before I eat after a long run
  4. I have a fear of being overweight, even though I know I never will be
  5. I sleep with a stuffed pug dog that my boyfriend got for my for Christmas 2 years ago…his name is Gus 🙂
  6. It really annoys me that a Boston Cream Pie isn’t a pie at all!

7. If I could have any super power, it would be to be able to peacefully sleep through the night (I’m talking a full 8 hours!)

8. I get crazy anxiety over small things, but don’t sweat the big stuff

9. I’m extremely indecisive except for at work — it’s done me really well in my career, not so well at the salad bar

10. I have an irrational fear of rodents even though I had a hamster growing up — this is one and only fear I will not be overcoming.

11. I don’t ever see myself living not living in a city — other girls dream of large houses with white picket fences, I dream of an apartment with high ceilings.

Helen’s Questions to me: 

1. If you could run any race, anywhere, and money wasn’t an option, where would you go? Hmm that’s a tough one because I already plan to run Paris, but I would love to do NYC Marathon one day! And it’s my home town, so travel costs would be low anyways :-)..I’d like to run Berlin and Rome one day as well.

2. If you had one million pounds to give away, who or what would you chose to donate too? I would give a quarter of it to my parents, a quarter to my brother and donate the rest to Breast Cancer Research and helping children in need.

3. If you had the chance to relive one instance in your life, what moment would you chose? Would you change anything about it or just re-live it? I would chose to re-live a happy moment and this may sound strange, but I’d re-live (not re-do) the night I met my boyfriend.  It would just be fun to experience again knowing what I knew now — at the time I met him I was moving across the country in 2 weeks and never thought I’d talk to him again.

4. Cats or dogs? Dogs! (even though I own a cat, sorry Kitty)

5. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? You are capable of doing anything — thanks mom 🙂

6. What was the last book you read? “Thin, Rich, Pretty” by Beth Harbison — good easy read if you like girly books

7. What is your favourite go-to dinner when you need cheering up? Thin-crust pizza and Wine — yuuumy!

8. What is your life\running mantra? I have a few – 

9. Sweet or Salted Popcorn? Sweet

10. Have you had a ‘defining moment’ yet? If so, care to share? I’ve had two — the day I decided to quit my job (during a recession), put my life into two suitcases and leave my comfortable life to move across the country to San Francisco where I knew NO ONE. It’s something I had to do to prove my independence to myself and fulfill my sense of adventure. The second was 8 months later — day I move back to NY — learning that doing what makes you happy is not always “giving up” and the people in my life will always be more important than the places.

11. What would be your perfect Sunday afternoon? Sleep in late (if I had the ability to) and then an afternoon brunch with my girl friends and many many mimosas, wine, sangria or margarita’s. Of course it would be warm and sunny and we’d be sitting outside.

Katie’s Questions to me:

1. When did you start running? January 2011

2. What monopoly piece do you always pick? Ehh I don’t remember what they are…

3. What is your favorite pre-race meal? Night before — pasta. Day off, Cliff bar or whole wheat toast, tiny bit of peanut butter and 1/2 banana. 

4. Disney or Nickelodeon as a kid? Nickelodeon

5. What is your favorite race fuel? Clif Mocha Gel Shot (only that flavor though)

6. What did you want to be when you grow up as a kid? An actress/dancer

7. What do you want to be now? Wish I knew that 🙂

8. What is the best place you’ve ever lived? New York of course…and Rome

9. What is the best route you’ve ever run? Nothing beats a sunset along the Embarcadero in San Francisco

10. What TV show is your guilty pleasure? What TV show ISN’T is the better question! Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls and The Bachelor

11. What is your favorite non-running blog? Hmm I don’t have one, any suggestions? apparently I need more hobbies…

Now, here are my questions for some of my favorite bloggers @kaymarie13 @frecklesandspice @riledunrunner @rungiarun @Jayme_Elizabeth

  1. Why do you run?
  2. If you couldn’t run, what would you do?
  3. Who inspires you?
  4. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? …and if it’s not where you’re living, why not?
  5. Do want to live in a City or Suburbs when you grow up?
  6. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
  7. Beef vs. Veggie Burger?
  8. Do you find yoga relaxing or stressful?
  9. Do you prefer to run alone or with people?
  10. What are your three top strengths? (I know this is the most hated interview question, but I’m not talking work, I’m talking life. Everyone should know what makes them special)
  11. If you could live forever would you?
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2 Responses to Random Q&A — didn’t you know…

  1. PorcelinaTweets says:

    Yay! Thanks for joining in the fun, great answers too! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tag — even if you spelled my name wrong! (Or is there also a RiledUnRunner stealing my thunder? ha.) I’m going to save this for a rainy day when I find myself in need of a blogging idea! Good luck with the training/IT band from hell.

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