Let the week of cross-training begin!

After a stellar 16miler last week, I took this week kind of easy:

Monday: Easy 4miles

Tuesday: 1 easy mile (RW Streak!)

Wednesday: 6 miles w/4 of Bart Yasso’s 800’s

Thursday: 1 easy mile (RW Streak!)

Friday: 1.5 easy mile (RW Streak!)

Saturday: 10mile long run @ 10:15min/mi with Katie and Kristine

I’m now down to 19 weeks before my first marathon and I’m trying not to wear myself out — although, I got to tell you, “not wearing myself out” is probably a bigger challenge than running 26.2miles. I like to push myself and have trouble stopping sometimes. I’ve been listening to the pains in my body lately and taking it easy when I need to at least. I’ve also been flexible with my running times and running later in the morning, or at night when I need the extra sleep.

I enjoy running alone sometimes and having that time to myself (running can be personal), but after 16miles alone last week, I was happy and lucky to have friends with me! Kristine and I left at 9:15am and I was happy to have those 2 extra hours of sleep, next to my normal 7am weekday rise.  We ran across the lovely island of Manhattan to meet Katie on the West Side. Then we all ran south and wrapped around the tip of the city on to the East Side. Running with friends definitely makes the miles fly by, but this week it also pushed me. Katie (with her sub 4hr marathon!) and Kristine are faster runners than I am, so I have to push to keep up. Below were my splits:

Notice miles 2-5 were all under 10:00min/mi — I definitely would not have run that fast alone! That being said, I also learned that running faster wipes me out faster (no brainer I guess). By mile 7 I was pretty tried, but I slowed it down a bit and regained my energy. By the time I finished the 10miles, I actually felt pretty good, minus the fact that my hands were frozen. I was wearing warm running gloves, but I have awful circulation. Every other part of my body felt fine, but my fingers were close to falling off from frost-bite. I may have to bring hand warmers with me on my next cold, long run. I feel like the amount of stuff I have to carry with me keeps growing and growing — I’m going to be a human, moving corner-store by the end of my training.

After the run, I was rushing to brunch with a group of girl friends that I met my first “real life” (aka not college student) year in NYC over 4 years ago. Needless to say I did not stretch — oops! And I paid for it today. I really need to learn my lesson and take the 15min to stretch after my long runs…maybe this week…

OK, so getting off track. My point for this post is — THIS WEEK I WILL FOCUS ON CROSS TRAINING. 

For the first time in months I went to the gym that I actually pay for today (not the crumby one in my building’s basement). I really dread cross training, but I made it to the gym telling myself I needed to run 1mile for my streaking (run 1 mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Years) anyways. I’m not one of those people who can stay on a cross-training machine for hours at a time, so I devised a plan that would work for me:

15 min – Elliptical

20min – Strength Training

15min – Elliptical

10min – Strength training

10min – Stretching

It felt good to be back at the gym, but I also felt completely out of shape. It’s funny, I’ve been running 25-30miles a week, yet 15min on the elliptical wipes me out. I also (re) learned  that I’m somewhat “gym retarded.” My gym has multiple types of elliptical machines and my plan was to change up the type I was using, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the second one started. I think the girl next to me was probably secretly laughing to her self as I gave up my fight to get the machine on and went to a different machine. Strength training also felt really good — I forgot how much I enjoy feeling strong. I was pleasantly surprised that I hadn’t lost all my strength and was using the same weights I used to back in my gym-going days. I’ll probably be feeling the pain (soreness) of that tomorrow…

Anyways, I decided this week I will focus on cross-training. And I’m telling you, because if I tell the blog world, well then that means I HAVE to do it. Running is important for marathon training, but a diverse workout plan is also important and I’ve been neglecting that fact. I’m still going to keep up my running, doing 3 runs and 1mile streaking runs the other days. I may even try for a 17miler this week! We shall see….

So PLEASE hold me to cross-training this week!!!!

QUESTIONS: What’s your favorite strength training moves? Any cross-training tips? Any one else suffer from cold hands, any advice/solutions?? What’s on your schedule this week???

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5 Responses to Let the week of cross-training begin!

  1. PorcelinaTweets says:

    I LOVE bodypump classes for fun strength training as the music and the other people get me through! Your plan sounds great for the week though, you are going to do so well in your marathon. Your times over that 10 miler were awesome too! Well done!

  2. Speaking of cross training – spinning is my favorite and Lululemon is having a free class at Flywheel the Upper East Side location on Saturday at 3pm. I want to go after my test. If you are interested let me know!

  3. Kara says:

    Hello! I just found your blog and wanted to say hi! I also don’t like cross training for very long…I get soooo bored! I also mix up the time with strength training and stretching and it’s been working well for me. I’m currently sidelined from running due to an injury so I’m really trying to be creative, haha. Good luck!

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