Slight Change of Plans

I’m often a “do what I feel” person when it comes to fitness, but once I set a plan, I’m not real great at being flexible. Sometimes, though, things out of my control get in the way of me following my “perfect” plan.

I actually buckled down and set an exercise plan for this week in excitement of starting my marathon training (aka time to get down to business). Now, mid week I’m a little unnerved that it’s not going quite as planned. Let me show you where I stand:

Monday: 6 – 7 mile run with 4 800 meter sprints @ a 4:30 pace DONE 7 Miles

Tuesday: Cross Train — 30minute bike ride DONE

Wednesday: 4 – 6 mile run @ marathon pace of 10:18 min/mile DONE 5 Miles @ 10:06 min/mile

Thursday: Cross Train/Strength Train Missed, rested

Friday: Rest DONE — OK resting is easy

This leaves me with Saturday/Sunday to go…Set plan from Sunday:

Saturday: 15 miles @ slow pace (around 11:00 min/mile)

Sunday: Rest or 2-3mile recovery run

I’m a little mad at myself for missing strength training on Thursday. I mean, all I really needed was a good 20-30min to complete it, but I was just beat. Per usual, I haven’t been sleeping well and it’s starting to catch up big time. I feel lethargic.

On top of that, I realized I haven’t been “fueling” properly. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been increasing my weekly mileage, but I guess I haven’t been increasing my food intake enough. “How do I know this?” you may be wondering. Well unfortunately pretty simple — I was feeling extremely nauseous on Wednesday afternoon out of nowhere. I honestly thought it was dehydration since I had run that morning and did not follow up the run/rest of the day with a lot of fluid (I normally drink TONS of water, but I was out at meetings all morning). After some food and water the nauseous subsided, but I still didn’t feel right. The next morning when I woke up with the same nauseous feeling I got worried. I just had my period so I was 95% sure it wasn’t morning sickness. So, the only other thing I could think to check was my weight. I stepped on the scale and was shocked to see that I had lost 4lbs.. I’m pretty small, so 4lbs. is a lot for me and was definitely NOT weight I was trying to lose and/or wanted to do. I’m actually trying to gain some weight inorder for my body to hold me through 26.2 miles in 5 months. I thought I’d been eating a lot, but apparently my metabolism is more of a monster than I thought. After weighing myself I immediately went to the kitchen to eat something and felt a lot better.

Today (Friday) I’m still feeling sluggish. I’ve been trying to eat as much as possible to re-fuel and rest, but again, the not sleeping well does not help the situation. I wanted to make up Thursday’s lost strength training today, or at least get in an easy 30min stationary bike ride, but I just didn’t have the energy.

My weekend plan was to stay in Friday night, do 15miles Saturday, go out Saturday night and do a boozy brunch Sunday. Due to the cold front that has just come in and strong winds, I’m putting off my long run until Sunday now. Sunday’s supposed to be warmer and less windy, so it’s worth it – I’m just not good about changing around my plans! I also don’t know if 15miles is feasible this week. I’ll have to re-visit my mileage plan tomorrow and see if I’m more energetic.

So here’s to being flexible! Kinda…

QUESTIONS: What are your plans this weekend? Any advice for keeping food intake up without compromising nutrition while training? 

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5 Responses to Slight Change of Plans

  1. helen says:

    12 miles easy and then photographing my club in a xc fixture. Fun!

    Don’t beat yourself up about the ST. You have bags of time to make up the lost session. I’ll swap you a body pump session for some x training…managed two of those but no xt!

    The nutrition is tough I hear you on that one. I’m sure you will work out a way to get what your body needs. When my blood sugar stops or I have a quick fix of something rather than slow releasing energy I feel wretched. Over the next 5 months you have loads of time to figure out a winning combo.

    26.2 baby!!

  2. This is the time for trial and error. Everyone is different so keep trying different types of nutrition until you find what works for you. Just try to keep it healthy. 😉

  3. marathon winer says:

    getting back to life has been CRAZY this week so im only just now seeing this…but zomg! GO EAT A CHEESEBURGER GIRL! 🙂
    im glad youre in tune to the fact that you are tiny and your body definitely needs the fuel to carry you through the 26.2 healthy and happy.
    if you need a partner in eating, im always free. haha, but also in running…im ready to get back out there so let me know when you wanna run conmigo!

    • I actually DID get a burger the night after I wrote this! Although the fries are always the main attraction hahaha

      Are you around next week? Most people are going away for Thanksgiving I realize, but I’m around if you want to eat/drink/run!

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