Take that Rain – 15 Mile PDR!!!!

This morning I rocked a 15mile run and kicked rains a*ss!

Image taken from Google Images

I had my mind set that I was doing my long run today no matter what the weather conditions. The forecast was not looking in my favorite.

I fueled up last night with a nice bowl of linguine with spinach, mushrooms and veggie meatballs. I put all my running gear together and prepared my peanut butter and banana on a slice of wheat bread for tomorrow’s pre-run breakfast. I set my alarm clock for 5:50am. I wanted to get out the door by 6:30AM. There was a strong chance of rain for all day, but rain tends to hold out in the morning in NY I’ve noticed. I headed to bed around 10pm ready to run early in the morning!

I woke up before my alarm clock, I think I was anxious. When I looked outside it was pitch black and it definitely looked like it had rained and/or was raining; if it wasn’t raining at that moment, it would be rainy soon. Let’s just say it looked nasty. The rain was not stopping me. The plan was to meet up with Katie in Central Park, we’d be trying to get in a run together for weeks, but timing never worked out.  I got a text from her at 6:08am:

Katie: Holy rain. Not wuite the drizzle I thought it would be..

Me: I’m still heading out! Doesn’t seem so bad by me right now

Katie: Ok wow. You are badass/crazy. But I guess if you’re going out in it I should too!

haha Yeah, I think crazy is more accurate than badass. I was mentally prepared to go this run alone if I had to, but I was THRILLED that I got Katie back on board for the run and that she was going to be badass with me 🙂

I headed out in the pitch black around 6:20am and yes, it was raining after all. It wasn’t a heavy rain, though, and my hat kept the rain off my face. I ran uptown towards Central Park. Stopped at a light I tried to take a picture with my phone that was inside a plastic bag, it didn’t come out real well:

You get the point – not a real pretty morning.

I was a little nervous entering the park while it was still dark and due to the rain, it was not packed as usual. I was running headphone less so I was not distracted if someone tried to come after me and rob me (you never know, fuel belts are hot on the market!). Eventually I saw a couple of other crazy runners such as myself. Everytime I’d hear someone coming up behind me, though, I’d turn around to make sure they didn’t have a knife in hand — ahhaha whatever, better to be safe than sorry.

I met up with Katie at 100th and Central Park West, about 5 miles into my run. We headed south for 2 5-mile loops around the park – we mutually agreed Harlem Hill was the devil and we didn’t need to tackle that twice today.

I would love to boast that I’m badass and trudged through 15miles in a storm (which I will be bragging about to my friends either way), but to be honest, it was kind of nice running in the rain! I was soaked from head to toe and my socks/shoes were all squishy, but the rain felt nice. The park was relatively quiet because of the weather and it was really peaceful.

The running 15miles part in general wasn’t real easy for me, but it wasn’t that bad either. I felt good for the first 8 miles of my run and then my legs started to feel heavy. I ate 2 Gu Chomps at mile 7 because I still wasn’t hungry yet, but new I needed something. Around mile 10 we took a quick stop so I could down 1/2 of a Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar. The whole idea of Gu’s and fake food for kind of throws me off, so I wanted to try eating regular food. My body tends to digest food pretty easily/fast and the 1/2 of a Clif bar worked perfectly! It replenished my body of carbs and nutrients and helped me finish off the last 5 miles. I was a little afraid about doing a long run with someone I’ve never run with before, because I know I need to run really slowly if I’m going to hit a PRD (run fast = lose energy quickly for me). Katie was extremely supportive and was willing to run at whatever pace I needed (thank you!!!). I’ve found that pushing past the 10mile mark is the hardest part of a long run for me. Chatting with my new running buddy helped miles 5 – 10 fly by and I was glad to have Katie there at mile 10 to help motivate me and push me through.

I left Katie at 72nd Street and exited the park to head home. I ran down to 34th Street and 3rd ave, completing 15.5 miles!!! (my Garmin says 15.2miles and mapmyrun.com says about 16miles so I’m compromising). I was thrilled!!!

Two weeks ago I ran 14 miles, which was my PDR at the time. This week I rocked 15 miles and I couldn’t be happier! I still can’t believe I ran 15 miles before 9:30 am 🙂

I didn’t log the first 2 miles of my run on my Garmin because it doesn’t map the city Streets real well, but my route looked something like this (plus 2 extra miles to the park):

When I got home I immediate undressed from my wet clothes and took a nice hot shower. Then I hopped back into bed.  I was craving something warm so  I made a yummy snack of pumpkin oats. Today’s recipe was:

– 1/4th cup quick oats

– 1/4th cup canned pumpkin

– Pumpkin spice to taste (a lot!)

– 1/3rd scoop Vegan Sun Warrior Vanilla Protein Powder

– Few raisins

– a dash of sugar free syrup to sweeten (I used honey yesterday, which I prefer, but I didn’t have any honey at home)

….and now this is me, cuddled up with my stuffed dog, as the rain continues to drip outside….

me and Gus :-)zzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz….




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9 Responses to Take that Rain – 15 Mile PDR!!!!

  1. lryamin says:

    Congratulations! Yes you are a badass!

  2. marathon winer says:

    woot woot! congrats!!! and THANK YOU for getting my butt out the door today! so glad to have that behind me! haha! let me know when you need a buddy again 🙂

  3. SO proud of you! 15 miles is incredible!

    this rain BLOWS. you get 5 million bonus points for going out and running in it. hope you got a nice nap in afterwards 🙂 that doggy is so cute.

  4. Jess says:

    Congrats on a PDR! It was the perfect day for a long run in the rain!

  5. PorcelinaTweets says:

    Woo! I was really looking forward to reading your blog on the 15 mile monster run!

    So pleased you did it, despite the rain!

    You are going to ROCK Paris!


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