Get up and go!

I’ve had a lot of trouble dragging my butt out of bed these past few weeks. The sun is rising later, it’s getting colder and my insomnia has not improved….

Tomorrow morning I’m planning a very chill (45 degrees in the forecast!) 5mile run before work. This is what I will be telling myself when my alarm goes off at 6:50am:

So that’s it, I’m JUST GOING TO DO IT.

I got some really bad news the other day that has made me extremely sad (I will write more about it when I’m ready) and it’s time for me to pick myself back up and keep going. Running is a mental release for me, I just need to get out there.

Happy running tomorrow! And stay warm!



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4 Responses to Get up and go!

  1. rungiarun says:

    Have a great run! Running is a mental release for me too. Its a place where I am free to not think about the concerns at hand. I am just running, just me and the road. My concerns will be waiting for me when I’m done. 🙂 I hope you can get a little break from your concerns tomorrow.

  2. marathon winer says:

    hope this morning went well! got your text and cant wait to hear the plan! nothing like a good long run to help pull you out of a sad place (we’ll just ignore the cold weather and lack of sun…) 🙂

  3. Great attitude! Hope the run helped you get clearer.

  4. PorcelinaTweets says:

    I hope whatever the bad news was has been sorted and you are ok…
    Running is brilliant for helping defuse stress and I hope your 5 miler helped. You have a stellar attitude! Go girl x

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