Wooohooo it’s Friday!

I haven’t blogged this week at all because quite frankly I’ve been having a bad week and suffered a few minor anxiety attacks. I’ll bare you all the complaining, but let’s just say I’ve had some poor medical and work related news and combined with the grey weather, I’ve felt defeated.

BUT today is Friday and the sun is shining! Although this hasn’t been an overly busy week for me, the week has felt extremely slow. My work and social life have felt boring this week. The highlight of my week has been running with Kristin Monday and Thursday mornings and going to happy hour with 3 of my friends Monday night. The fact that my last non-exercise involved social interaction was Monday says a lot (aka booooring).

That being said, I’m super excited for this weekend! Here’s what’s on the schedule:

Friday: Leaving work today early or on time (5pm the latest!). I bought a bottle of Five Roses Rose that I have chilling in my work refrigerator that I will be enjoying with the BF tonight. We visited the vineyard that produces Five Roses in Italy, so on top of the wine being out right tasty, it brings back good memories as well.

The BF and I are going to stay in tonight, have some wine and order Vietnamese food from L’Annam. They have THE BEST steamed veggie dumplings, so yeah, I’m pretty excited about eating them. I’m also happy the BF and I will be spending sometime together. Despite living together, lately we’ve both been so wrapped up in our own things that we barely spend any actual time together interacting. He’s launching his new company SavingsBird.com (check it out! They aggregate all your deal sits for you) so he’s been focused on work a lot.

Saturday: Waking up early to meet Kristin, Ashley, Shannon and Amanda for a long run! I hope to run 10 -12miles RAIN OR SHINE. We’re meeting in Central Park at 8:30 if anyone else wants to join 🙂 Following our long run, we have brunch plans (yey!). Then Saturday night I have dinner out planned and then I’ll see where the city takes me! (let’s be real, the city will probably take me to bed haha)

Sunday: Sleep in. Yoga maybe? And a boooozy brunch with some of my close friends!

I’m not sure what came over me this morning, (maybe the excitement of it being Friday?) but I went on an online shopping spree at Bloomingdales.com. From today until Oct 3rd they are having their friends and families discount, which is 20% off most merchandise! They’re also offering free shipping and you can return items straight to the store, so I figured I’d go wild! Below is just a preview of what I bought:

Kind of simple stuff I know, but I’m big on basics and I need to prepare for fall/winter – I have no clothes! If you want to enjoy the 20% off at Bloomies, simply use the code “BFRIENDS” at check out. It’s been a while since I’ve bought any non-workout related clothing so I feel I deserve it. Now I would love some new boots….

QUESTIONS: What’s your fall/winer must have items? What are your plans this weekend?


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One Response to Wooohooo it’s Friday!

  1. I love L’Annam!! Their food is delicious!

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