This body isn’t built like it used to be

Last night was my best friend from elementary school’s wedding. We’ve been best friends since she moved to our hometown in second grade and we’ve essentially grown up together. I feel as close to her family as I do my own. So when she asked me to be a bridesmaid’s back in January, I was honored. 9 months later the wedding day arrived and it was beautiful:

Beautiful bouquets!

They handed out cute little bottles dressed in tuxedo’s and white dresses at the Ceremony to blow as the bride and groom exited the church. Apparently the old tradition of throwing rice is no longer P.C. because bird’s choke on the rice.

Me and the BF

Elegantly decorated reception.

Me and the BF again.

She was (and is) my first close friend to get married. Seeing her walk down the isle looking GORGEOUS in an elegant white dress made me realize how we’re not little girls in elementary school many more who used to live for sleepovers and late night chats. We’re growing up!  To not go into too much detail, the bride and groom met down in Belmar at the Jersey Shore 3 years ago. In the word’s of MTV’s Jersey Shore, “they found love at the Jersey Shore.” It was one of those weddings that just make you happy because it’s so obvious how perfect the bride and groom are for each other and you can feel the love between them and their friends/family’s love for them.

Needless to say we drank, ate and danced the night away! A couple of vodka sodas, some wine, lots of food and cake and too much dancing to an eclectic mix of oldies and techno music later — I woke up this morning feeling like I got hit by a truck. That’s when I came to the realization that “my body isn’t built like it used to be.” At first I felt a little sad and pathetic, I was in bed by 12:30am (the reception started at 6pm), how could I be feeling so awful! “Who I’m getting old” I told myself. Then I realized something else — 6 years ago I could stay up until 4am drinking martini’s and dancing at the latest “hot” nightclub and then go to class the next day, but 6 years ago I also couldn’t run more than a mile. Maybe I can’t drink like I used to (probably a good thing), but I CAN wake up in the morning and run. I CAN (and have twice) run a half marathon. My body is stronger then it ever has been before. So yeah, today I feel like crap, but I’ll take it proudly:-)

QUESTION: How did you feel when your first friend got married? Can you still go out drinking and wake up and exercise in the morning? What fun things did you do this weekend??

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11 Responses to This body isn’t built like it used to be

  1. yay wedding! love that quote from the jersey shore 🙂

    none of my real good friends have gotten married yet.. just random peeps i went to high school with. it will be exciting when it happens though!

    i fail at exercising if i drink the night before. my body hates me the next day!

  2. Allie says:

    Fun to read about the wedding! My best friend from 3rd grade got married last weekend. It was incredible, overwhelming, fun & fabulous… and while I’ve been in other weddings with friends I absolutely love, she is my “first friend” wedding. It was surreal, honestly, but incredible that I was part of it with her, and my family was there, and her family, and we’re all like one big family! I did a bajillion fun things this weekend and now I need to sleep for 40 hours. Unfortunately, I don’t think that many hours exist between now and Monday at 6 am!

  3. PorcelinaTweets says:

    When my real, absolute BFF got married I cried to much! I cried in the registry office and had to excuse myself at one point from the reception to go outside and cry some more – it was weird!!

    I’ve been excited at other friends weddings but never had actual full on crying attack like at the BFFs. Weird! Weddings can bring up all kinds of emotions, right?

    I hear you re: bodies not being like they used to be. It took my 3 days to get over my last big blow out session – never again…..

  4. Kelly says:

    you look so pretty 🙂 what a fun wedding that looks like! When my first friend got married, my thoughts were basically “thank goodness that’s not me – I am so not ready yet!” Now my thoughts are a little different, but whatever… And, I get hungover from the smell of alcohol. I’m a huge, wimpy lightweight.

  5. Melissalissa says:

    you look gorgeous. 🙂

  6. lryamin says:

    Beautiful wedding and you look gorgeous!

  7. You look so pretty!! The wedding looks soo fun!

  8. My first friend got married this summer, and I was in the wedding as well. its so weird, like it doesn’t feel real!

    I have definitely noticed that i CANNOT drink and wake up to tackle the day like I used to. I pretty much stick to a glass of wine or two nowadays, lol.

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