A Runner’s gotta do what a Runner’s gotta do

This week I had my long run planned for Friday since I will be away participating in wedding festivities this weekend. I obsessively check the forecast on weather.com and on Tuesday I was getting nervous with all the impending rain forecasted for later in the week. The percentage change of rain for Friday kept creeping up higher and higher. By Tuesday night when I saw that it was 70% chance of rain on Friday, combine with a SEVERE RAIN warning, I was getting nervous about getting my long run in! It’s been a while since I’ve run on a treadmill, let alone done 12 miles on one. Since I tackled the rain a few weeks ago, I’ve raise my confidence about running in inclement weather, but still 12 miles in SEVERE rain sounds daunting. I’m OK with a little rain, but down-pours? Not so much.

So Tuesday night I did something I rarely do – on the spur of the moment I made a big change in my running schedule. I decided I would tackle my long run on Wed. morning before work. I knew I’d need a some motivation, but luckily I had already planned to meet Kristin at 7:15am for a 5mile run along the East River. Now I just had those pesky other 7 miles to worry about… I turned to twitter for some help from my running friends:

As luck would have it I shortly received a reply back from Ashley:

Heck yeah! I was a little hesitant of waking up so darn early, before sunrise, but making plans to meet someone always helps get my butt out of bed.

I had my plan set – 1mile run to the gym, 5 miles on the treadmill (save my joints some pain yey!), 1 mile back to the East River and 5 miles with Kristin

I set my alarm clock for 5:30am and willed myself out of bed. It was pitched black out. It felt odd running the streets of NY in the dark and a little scary despite the fact that I was running through a pretty safe/populated area. I also felt kind of bad ass for beating the sun out of bed 🙂

I got to Equinox at 6am and handed the lady at the front desk my 3-day pass. Apparently you’re supposed to have an ID on you to get in with the pass, but luckily due to the early morning hours she kindly let me in. I spotted Ashley doing some speedy intervals on the treadmill and headed over. I wasn’t able to get one next to her, but I got one a machine over. Even though we weren’t running together, it still was motivating to know that someone else I knew was there working hard! Now, I never watch TV on a treadmill because they’re always situated up close right in front of you and the view makes me nauseous. However, this is one point where Equinox really did it right – they situate a line of TV’s up infront of the treadmills (not ON the treadmill) and have them slightly elevated so that you’re looking up and not peering down. There’s a control on the treadmill where you plug in your headphones and can pick the TV you want to tune into. It was wonderful! I got to watch my morning news while getting in a nice, slow paced run. If I had realized this before I got on the treadmill I probably would have situated myself on the machine infront of the Today Show, but atlas I did not so I settled with ABC News.

5 miles on the treadmill later I was off promptly at 7am and headed to meet Kristin. The change from street, to treadmill, back to street invigorated and tired out my legs at the same time. I was still feeling good by the time I met up with Kristin, though. We headed over to the East River for a 5mile run. At this point, 7 miles down, I was really happy to have a running buddy. She helped get me through the last miles and at a quicker pace than I probably would have been able to keep up at that point alone. We parted ways after 4miles. I was 1 mile short of my 12mile goal, but my knees were feeling a little pain and I was tired so I headed back to my apartment to finish 1mile in the gym there. Unfortunately the 3 treadmills were all occupied. I waited about 10mins for one to open up, but none did. At that point I was losing my drive to keep going so I decided to throw in the towel at 11miles and DARN PROUD that I (1) ran 11 miles (2) before work on a Wed. and (3) had finished my long run for the week already!

It’s now Thursday night and looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow, I’m glad I got in my long run on Wed.

QUESTION: Do you stick hard to your planned schedule for the week or do you change up the days depending on what comes up? Tell me about your runs this week! What motivates you to get up before sunrise?

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8 Responses to A Runner’s gotta do what a Runner’s gotta do

  1. Katie says:

    i love this! way too stay motivated and squeeze that run in.
    BTW… i NEED someone to show me east river running…thoughts?? 🙂

  2. jcbizzle says:

    This is pretty amazing! I’m run in high school, and I have not hit 12 miles yet 😛 But is there really enough time to work and run? If there is, I’ll definitely keep running by myself through colleges as well :] Once again, 12 miles is pretty intense, especially 5:30 in the morning o.o I enjoy short distance running a tiny bit better, but I have to agree that I always feel really proud after a long run. Awesome post and incredible lifestyle! 😀

  3. PorcelinaTweets says:

    I alter days depending on what my club is doing that night – I needed to do 9 on my long run this week so joined the club on their 8 mile long run but added a mile on first before they met up. What i didn’t realise was they were doing an 8 mile tempo run – urgh! Still I did it anyway (and nearly died…)

    I was worried about breaking up the mileage at first, you know one mile warm up – little rest whilst the others group up and then the final 8, I thought you had to do the miles in one go…but it’s good to see others do it too like you did.

    Great work anyway! And good for you for getting up so early! You are going to rock this half and the Paris marathon! Woo hoo! (said in a French accent!)

  4. Ashley says:

    It is tough to have so much determination, especially that early in the am. Congrats!
    I do change up my routines sometimes if I know I have plans or weather gets in the way. I am not a fan of raining running. I do try to stick to my scheduled workouts but just move them around.

  5. Kelly says:

    nice work!! I tend to try my best to stick to my schedule, but definitely work around things that come up in work, school, life, etc. You’re so right – we gotta do what we gotta do, and there is always a way to get in a run!

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