Say It, Do It!

In spirit of Jess’s “Say it, do it” series, I’m posting my own work out schedule for this week.

It goes roughly like this..

Monday – 3 mile run (easy) with Ashley + interval training

Tuesday – Strength training

Wednesday – 6 mile run

ThursdayFree yoga class at Exhale…I signed up for 7am at the Gramercy location, come join me!

Friday – 12 Miles wooohooo! (who wants to join me!) – I’ll be doing this rain or shine, or pushing it to Monday.

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest or 2 mile recovery run and strength training

This is a rough outline and I may switch up the days depending on weather. What I want to get in for the week though is:

– 3 days of running – 1 interval training, one easy run and one 12 mile run

– 1 Yoga class

– At least one day of strength training

Saturday will definitely have to be a complete rest day because my best friend is getting married and I will be getting my make up done at 8am. Sunday I will most likely be too hungover to do much, but you never know! I’m really hoping the weather holds out and I can get my long run in Friday, but if not Monday it is! I will do it in the rain if it’s light, but not pouring — I’m not trying to get sick here.

For a little extra motivation with the weather getting a little too chilly in the mornings for my taste, I bought a new pair of running crops at Lululemon today. I originally went to Paragon to try and find a less expensive pair of running cropped pants, but none of them fit well, so Lululemon won again! I left the store with the Run: Full Tilt Crop. These pants have an insane amount of pockets, though, which I LOVE. There’s the standard back zippered pocket, 2 small ones in the front waist and 2 ADDITIONAL pocks on the thighs. The thigh pockets are perfect for gel/gu packs and I could potentially even fit my phone in there (although that may not be real comfortable. I have a new Lululemon gear obsession, which may be a strain on my wallet this year…

Oh and one very important task I MUST do everyday this week – water my palm tree 🙂

My Palm Tree’s name is Olive. I bought her on a trip to Florida almost 7 years ago now. I’ve always kept her at my parents house because my old apartments didn’t have enough light to give this lovely lady. Now I have nice big windows with plenty of sun, though, and she’s home sweet home in NYC.

Have a wonderful week!!

QUESTION: What’s on your schedule for the week? Exercise, fun, or mondane tasks! What running gear makes you motivated to go run?!

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14 Responses to Say It, Do It!

  1. marathon winer says:

    i love the “say it. do it”!!!

  2. Me too! I feel more committed to my workouts by writing it down. Not like anyone’s going to be me with a stick if I don’t do them, but they seem more set in stone this way.

  3. PorcelinaTweets says:

    I am all for the visual reminders! I was just about to write a blog about the same thing!

    You are so lucky to have lululemon so you must go and spend all your cash in there! I would kill for a store like that over here!

  4. Thanks for the shout out and for participating in Say it, Do it! Saying things out loud really helps even if it’s about watering your plant. Have a great week!

  5. Kelly says:

    I like your tree and your view! I don’t have any plants… hmm, maybe I should invest in something like Olivia.

    New running shoes ALWAYS make me want to run (more than usual, hehe)

  6. I love your tree!! Too Cute!! I only ended up buying one thing at lulu last night, crazy!!

  7. aw im digging your palm tree 🙂

    yay new workout clothes! all of those pockets sound AWESOME

  8. Ashley says:

    I used to put flowers on our window sill, and I definitely need to start doing it again. Being in a tiny 19th Floor apartment, having plants around really makes a difference.
    The say it, do it idea is really awesome. And then things happen like our yoga class this morning gets canceled! Two thumbs down! I did the elliptical and the treadmill instead.

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