I’m going to do it!

Thank to everyone’s enthusiastic and encouraging responses to my post last night I’ve decided I’m going to do it! Tonight at 6pm EST (midnight 9/15 Paris Time) I will be registering for the Paris 2012 Marathon when registration opens!!!! To revert to my inner love of the 80’s, I’m SYKED!

Now I don’t want to get too excited because there’s a small chance that I won’t get in. Registration is based on first come, first serve and there’s 40,000 spots, so I feel like I have a good chance, but you never know!

OK I want to change the subject not to jinx myself, but running is on my mind, so let’s talk about running!

Monday I did my first ever planned and timed interval training run. I took the interval workout from runnersworld.com that is recommended for runners who have completed a Half Marathon, but are looking to improve their time (perfect, that’s me!). The interval run plan looked like this:

I found my interval and recovery pace by using this nifty VDot Calculator  that I had found on Theodora’s blog a while ago. Based on my previous Half Marathon time, my paces to shoot for were as follows:

Interval: 2:23min for 0.25 mile

Easy: 11:48mi/mile

Instead of sticking to a time limit for my intervals, I decided to do my intervals based on distance, since it’s easier to figure out my pacing with my Garmin that way; and I used the 4min recommended recovery from each interval. The 1/4th mile interval distance is pretty close to the 2min recommended by Runners World anyways. Since it was my first attempt at an interval run, I chose to do 4 intervals instead of 6 (I’ll work my way up). I lost the USB port for my Garmin, so I have to write out my workout (not as pretty):

Warmup: 0.95 miles – 11:00 min/mile

Interval 1: 0.25 miles – 1:58 min

Easy 1: 4min – 10min/mile pace

Interval 2: 0.25 miles – 2:05 min

Easy 2: 4min – 10:18 min/mile pace

Interval 3: 0.25 miles – 2:05 min

Easy 3: 4min – 10: 29 min/mile pace

Interval 4: 0.25 miles – 2:06 min

Easy 4: 4min – 10:13 min/mile pace

Cool down: 0.88 miles – 10:34 min/mile pace

In the end it came out to about 4. 35miles. I started at my apartment and ran up to to enter the East River path at 34th Street. I think the slower pace for my warmup is due to my Garmin GPS crapping out. From 34th street, I ran down to the Williamsburg Bridge, back up to 25th street and ended on 1st Ave.

My take away from this run — intervals are tough!! I figured running hard for only 0.25miles would feel like nothing. Yeah, I was wrong. I was winded by the end of it all. As you can see from my splits, I started out quicker an then my paces slowly decreased. I did run a bit faster than I was supposed to according to the VDot Calulator. Next time I think I need to try and pace myself better. I would not have been able to do 6 intervals at that pace. I really felt like I got a good workout with the intervals though and focusing on time/distance in short sprints helped keep the run interesting. I want to continue to incorporate an interval run once a week into my running schedule.

Tuesday I was boring, I rested :-). Taking a rest day between my runs has been proving positive for keep my injury at bay.

Last Saturday I met Ashley From Frecklesandspice.com. Realizing we are practically neighbors and both enjoy running in the AM, we planned to run together this morning (Wed.). We met around 7 AM and headed up to Central Park — we both regularly run along the East River and needed a change of scenery. We start our run around 60th and Park East and ran up the East Side Drive to the reservoir.

Central Park Reservoir - Picture from Google Images

We did two laps around the reservoir together (so pretty!) and then parted ways. Ashley went to do some hill work, while I ran to the end of the park to complete 6.4miles. I had a really good time running with Ashley and chatting about life and running — the 4.5miles we ran together flew by and I barely realized we were running. My Garmin was being crappy again today, but when I got home I re-mapped our route and I think we were running around a 9:40min/mile pace, which is pretty fast for me (and I think Ashley), so go us!

Central Park was a nice change of scenery, but most mornings it’s probably not practical. Luckily Wed. I start work a little later so I have the luxury of a little more time to adventure out to places like CP.

QUESTIONS: Do you have any unique running routes in NY you like? Bridges/tunnels/parks? Do you like interval training? What other training runs do you incorporate into your training?

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18 Responses to I’m going to do it!

  1. Dori says:

    Yeah!!!! Good luck getting in!!!

  2. I think the Paris marathon is such a great idea! And really awesome opportunity.
    Thanks again for the run this morning. I’m pretty pumped by our performance – pace and distance! I do need to figure out how to get home faster though! Maybe we can make it treat to change up the scenery occasionally.

  3. Melissa says:

    I like to vary things up! I like all bridges, the west side highway and riverside park, running through my favorite streets. Congrats on Paris~!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. weeeeeeee Paris!

    this makes me so happy. crossing my fingers u get in! hope the registration isnt intense at all.

    that’s awesome you two ran together. yay running buds!

    when i first started getting in shape a few months ago, I was all about the East River. Now with marathon training, its all about CP. it’s so much easier to knock out miles there. So many runners are out and about and the Central Park Running Map makes it easy peasy to plan and personalize your route! love that the bridle path and reservoir are right their too in case your knees start hurtin’.

  5. PorcelinaTweets says:

    Paris! Je T’aime!!! Can’t wait to hear if you got in!!

    I tend to do a tempo run a week to try and mix it up a bit, only tried intervalling twice and both times it was tough, but the people in my club swear by it so it’s the way forward methinks.

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