Fun Filled Saturday

Last Saturday was a whirl-wind of a day starting with a 9mile run along the Hudson River, followed by a fitness/blogger event hosted by Ashley of Healthy Happier Bear, an attempt to make it to a house warming party in Queens and finally a wonderful dinner.

After my 9 mile run, I adequately prepared for my next fitness challenge of the day by eating, laying on my couch and watching “Easy A.”  I actually really liked the movie “Easy A!” Despite it’s obviously silly theme, it actually ended up to be a solid, good movie – I definitely recommend it.

At about 2:30pm I headed out to attend a free Vitality class at Equinox hosted by Ashley, which was followed by happy hour at Beecher’s. The Vitality class was taught by Ashley’s trainer, Lauren, and there were 3 other Equinox trainers assisting. Let me just say, this class, the trainers and Equinox were all AWESOME! As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a huge fan of group classes, but this one was different. It consisted of about 8 exercise stations. We rotated throughout the stations doing each station for 30 seconds and performed the circuit 3 times.

Pictures complements of Ashley of

The exercises were fun, intense and was definitely designed to hit all muscle groups. I liked how each exercise only last 30seconds – I never felt bored and because I knew I only had 30 seconds, I really gave it my all at each station. The trainers were extremely helpful and walked around to assist and make sure everyone was properly performing the exercises (very important!). You can read a more detailed and eloquent of the class go here. This class really was exceptional though, I can’t say that enough. I love Equinox Gyms as well. The lockers were extremely clean and offered high end hair/lotion products from Kiehls. If I had to chose between there showers and my own, I’d sadly chose Equinox’s. The gym itself is just so nice as well. Lots of machines and everything in spread out nicely. If it wasn’t for cost/location I’d be a member 🙂

On top of the Vitality class being a great workout, it was a lot of fun to get to meet some bloggers that I’ve exchanges comments/tweets with before and catch up with a few that I’ve met in the past. After the class we headed over to Beecher’s for Happy Hour! They have a Happy Hour special of $5 wine and $6 infused vodka from 5pm – 7pm – score! I tried the infused vodka (I think it was Orange infused) – it was good at first, but kind of had the after taste of dirty socks. I was having such a good time at Happy Hour chatting with fellow bloggers, AshleyGia, Shannon, Ashley, Meghan and a few awesome non-bloggers (so wonderful meeting/seeing you all!). I didn’t want to leave, but I had told a friend I’d go to her housewarming party in Astoria so I had to break away from the fun 😦

At about 6pm I headed to meet the BF at the subway and catch the N train. Now let me just say, I think I have the worst luck in the world with the NY Transit system. We waited for the N train for about 30mins before it came. We pass 34th street, 42nd street and then on the loud speakers comes an announcement that the train we are on is NOT going to queens and we must get off by the 59th street stop. Fabulous. Already kind of annoyed (and a little typsy from Happy Hour), we get off and wait for the next train….and we wait…and wait…30min later, no train! At that point I decided to throw in the towel and give up. My patience runs thin with transportation.

Instead we headed out of the subway and walked back towards our apartment for an impromptu date night. After a 9mile run and 1hour exercise class that day, I was kinda hungry to say the least. I’ve always wanted to try Resto, a cute little Belgium restaurant which is right by us so we decided to give it a shot! The train may have been a fail, but dinner was a WIN. The wait staff was extremely friendly and helpful. They have a beer menu that equals a novel and I was lost. I’m not a huge beer drinker, more of a wine girl myself, but I do enjoy a good Belgium or German beer. The waiter was helpful in guiding me through the beer list and picking out recommendations. I honestly don’t remember the name of the beer I ended up with, but it was tasty and strong (win and win). The BF and I split Halibut and French Fries – I can’t go to a Belgium restaurant without getting french fries. These pictures aren’t great, but you can get the idea:

Yeah, these were both tasty! French fries are my weakness and thick cut fries are my favorite, so yeah, I really enjoyed those. The halibut was impressively well cooked and accompanied by an orzo, tomato and veggie salad that was fresh and delicious. For dessert we split a piece of blueberry pie because again I love blueberries and I love pie (yey fall!). We also tried one of the dessert wines that I can’t for the life of me remember the name of. It was similar to Sherry, though, and tasted like a less syrupy Port.

…and finally that brings me to the end of my Saturday. A long, but good one 🙂

I’m also happy to report that my injury has not flared up lately and my legs may feel a bit sore after the long runs, they feel strong. I think the 3 day a week running plan is working out a lot better for me. I’m kind of ecstatic about finally being able to run without pain for the first time in months and lately I’ve been thinking about running a marathon. I’ve never attempted a distance over 13miles and I want to challenge myself. I think 2012 may be my year to run a marathon! I’m strongly contemplating signing up for the Paris 2012 Marathon on April 15th, 2012. I want to do this one for 4 reasons:

1) Training during winter will help me stay positive during the cold months (and/or could be insane)

2) I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Paris in April. I’ve been in the winter, but April in Paris is supposed to be gorgeous…oh and love to travel.

3) What better way to see a city than run 26 miles around it? And I hear it’s pretty flat!

4) My Birthday is April 10th — as I get older, I want my body to get stronger — what a great Birthday present to myself!

I have until November 15th to decide so this leaves me with a very import question for you:

QUESTION: Is it absolutely nuts for me to run my first Half Marathon abroad (taking into account time change/jetlag, etc)? Have you ever run an international race? Please let me know your feedback/opinion on signing up for the Paris Marathon!!!

Have a wonderful week!



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7 Responses to Fun Filled Saturday

  1. Dori says:

    OMG YES to Paris!!! Do it! How cool!!!

    I get really panic-y when the trains act like that. Ugh!

  2. Allie says:

    Your reasons seem solid for Paris 2012 – go for it! And, Resto is delish. I need to get back there!

  3. rungiarun says:

    Do IT!!! I have heard nothing but amazing things about the Paris Marathon. So much fun! I love your reasons and I think its a no brainer 🙂

  4. You should totally do it! That’s something I would love to do at some point also, run a major race outside of the US.

  5. PorcelinaTweets says:

    My buddy at my running club has never run a marathon in the UK – and she’s done Paris and says its brilliant.

    Paris is the best city ever, fact. Gorgeous food, beautiful people, art, culture, wine….posting some pics up on my blog today of my recent trip so make sure you have a look!

    Have a great day!

  6. Pingback: I’m going to do it! | sweatpassionandtears

  7. omg you haveeee to do it! how cool would that be!?

    paris ftw ! 🙂

    sorry about the sucky train to queens. weekend service is the worst 😦

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