From Canada to the Hudson River

Last week was the last official week of summer (not according to the calendar or anything official like that, but to most Americans none-the-less). I spent the last week of summer in the spirit of the season, relaxing and having fun. The relaxing part was not exactly by choice – it was a gorgeous week and it would have been nice to start off every morning with a run along the river to enjoy the early fall weather – but my body didn’t feel the same way. Luckily I was not planning to start my Philadelphia Half Marathon training until today, so all worked out well.

Although I call it a week of relaxation, I did manage to get in 3 runs and a trip to Canada. Running also relaxes my mind so I think that counts as relaxation! Monday I did a short 3mile run along the East River — I wanted to go farther, but was conscious of the pain I’ve been experiencing and left it at 3miles.

Tuesday AM I headed to Toronto, Canada for work. It was my first time in Canada (minus when I was about 2 yrs old and my family went to Niagra Falls) so I was excited for the trip! I’m not a huge fan of long business trips, but my 2 day, 1 night stint in Canada was the perfect amount of time.

Landing in Toronto -- I see Maple Leaves already!

One of the first things I saw when we arrived in the city of Toronto, an impostor Ice Cream Truck!!

Master Soft & Delight Truck - Mister Softee impostor!

Notice the “Master Soft & Delight” sign – total Mister Softee wanna be! I took this quite personally as I hold Mister Softee close to my heart.

Another similar, but not the same as NY thing I saw — a hot dog truck that offered chicken and veggie hot dogs as well! This I was a fan of. Never knew Toronto was so health conscious.

I was happy to learn my hotel was situated right on the water, which meant I’d have a beautiful view for my Wed. morning run.

Toronto, Canada

View from my hotel room at sundown

This picture was taken Tuesday afternoon; I lucked out and got GORGEOUS weather in Toronto. Part of me considered not running on my mini “work vaca” and clocking a few extra hours in my luxurious bed at the Westin Harbour Castle. However, I hate to give up the opportunity to explore a new city via foot and I knew I wasn’t going to get much free time to explore. Luckily I had an early client dinner Tuesday night and was in bed by 10:30pm, which meant I’d be good to go for a morning run 🙂

Wednesday morning I woke up at 7am and headed out for a run along the water. It was cloudy, but it was a perfect 60 degree temperature for running and practically no wind. I was naively surprised to see a decent amount of runners out with me along the river path. Who knew running had gone international! I brought my headphones with me, but I never put them on. I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers/runners writing about how they run without music and I always thought, “how do you do it!?” I chose not to run with music in Toronto because I wanted to be able to experience the new city and just take in the piece of the water and the sites. Now I understand how other runners do it — it was such a peaceful, enjoyable run. I truly felt like this run was “me time” and I felt totally rejuvenated afterwards. I did 4miles because again, I’m trying not to over due it since my injury has re-emerged.

One last highlight from Canada – poutine!


For those fellow American’s out there, you may be asking “what the heck is Poutine!?” Well I will tell you! Poutine is a wonderful Canadian creation (Montreal origins to be specific) that combines french fries with gravy and FRESH, squeaky cubes of slightly melted cheese. I’m not a huge fan of cheese and I don’t really like gravy, but boy was this poutine delicious! The version I split with my coworkers (picture above) also had pulled pork and bacon on it, which I pushed aside.

I landed back on US grounds wednesday evening. Thursday I didn’t do much more than work and hangout on the couch with the BF and spend some quality home time.

Due to the magic of twitter and text messages, I was able to meet up with Ashley and her friend Melissa, who I hadn’t previously met, for a run Friday morning. Ashley and Melissa are both training for the NYC Marathon and were doing their long runs, so I met them a little over a hour into their run along the West River. I rarely run along the Hudson River so I welcomed the change of scenery.

Hudson River Path

It was good to get out and run with other people again! Chatting with Ashley and Melissa made the time fly by and before I new it I had already ran longer than I had planned (oopsy!). I felt good, though, and my hip/but pain was only slightly acting up (I’m talking slight soreness, not strong pain). We ran at a nice steady pace around 10:50min/miles and took a few stretch breaks, both of which I think helped to make this a painless one. We made it all the way up to around 80th street and the West Side. I’ve never been up that far and it was beautiful! By the time I got home I ended up running about 8.5miles and walked about 2.5 more. I stretched, ate and continued on with my work day.

Oh and I made a peanutbutter and banana panini in the George Forman grill for lunch. I may be bias because I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches, but OMG it was tasty:

I want another one now…

QUESTION: How did you spend your last week of summer?? Do you like to run with headphones or distraction free? What’s your favorite city to run in??


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3 Responses to From Canada to the Hudson River

  1. marathon winer says:

    i said sayonara to summer while visiting family in richmond…where summer is still going strong!!! i never run with headphones because i feel like it makes me claustrophobic? is that weird? yes. yes it is. i love love loooove running in good ol nyc, but its great to explore a new city via a run!

  2. ooooh canada looks so purdy!

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