2 Phenomenons in 1 Week

Two phenomenons happend this week:

1) New York experience an Earthquake!!!!

Maybe not the strongest earthquake...

I really NEVER thought I’d experience an earthquake in NY. When I lived in San Francisco about a year ago, everyone warned me of Earth Quakes. Supposedly there were a few small earthquakes while I was out there, but I never felt them. The NY Earthquake, I felt. I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden I felt a little shaking. Honestly I just thought maybe I was overly tired and delusional. I turned around, though, to check my sanity with my co-workers. It was funny because we were all turning around at the exact same time, with the same quizative look on our faces — “did you feel that?”  It was really funny how all of Manhattan freaked out, but it’s expected as we don’t get much “earth quake” training growing up on the North East.

2) I rode my bike to work through the streets of NYC and SURVIVED

Yeah, this is the big phenomenon obviously. When I lived in San Francisco I owned a bike and would use it to bike to work (3 miles). I unfortunately got into a bike accident my second week of riding; I was trying to bike really fast to get home and meet a friend for dinner and my front wheel got stuck on the trolly tracks. I went flying off my bike and landed on my right hip/arm. I was in shock and pain and the ambulance came and whisked me off. Luckily I was not injured, but the accident shuck me up. Anyways, needless to say, I’ve been somewhat of a timid rider since and never really pictured myself biking through Manhattan. Lately I’ve seen so many bikers in skirts leisurely peddling to work so it looked like a nice idea.

My parents brought in my bike from NJ that I had in High School. We have a free bike room in my building so I left it in there. I bought a pink helmut because safety is key…and pink is cute 🙂

Biking Essential

Seriously, though, if I can strongly urge one thing, WEAR A HELMUT when you bike. It’s honestly just stupid not too, no one cares what you look like and no one looks good lying in a hospital bed.

Public safety note aside – I usually walk 1.5 miles to work, so I was excited at the prospect of riding my bike to work; it would allow me an extra 15min to sleep (yey 15min, every second counts!). Monday morning I got my bike out of the bike room in my building, strapped on my helmut, threw on my backpack (yeah backpacks are totally hott) and headed out. The night before I had looked up online which avenues had bike lanes, I’m not one of those hard core bikers who wants to race the traffic. My plan was to ride uptown via 1st Avenue in the bike lane. So, I assumed a bike lane meant it was only for bikers, right? FALSE. I forgot that in NY rules do not apply to drivers, walkers and bikers alike. The first couple of blocks of my bike ride were great and I was casually pedaling along. Then cars started to vere towards me into the bike lane, the honking started, cars parked in the bike lane jutted out infront of me. I panicked. I was TERRIFIED. On top of the sheer fear running through me, I felt like I was being mocked by the other bikers that were whizzing by me as if they were casually biking in an empty park….was I missing something? Needless to say it wasn’t the most fun, or relaxing experience of my life. I did make it to work alive- yey! The ride home down 2nd Avenue was a little calmer. I’m not sure I’ll be a daily biker though. What can I say, dangers just not my thing, I value my life.

QUESTION: Did you feel the earthquake?? Did you experience any of your own “phenomenons” this week? A phenomenon could be setting a personal record or achieving a goal you never thought possible as well.

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6 Responses to 2 Phenomenons in 1 Week

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance says:

    Thank you so much for commenting on my guest post on Tina’s blog!

    That’s crazy that you felt the shock of the earthquake– I live in Florida so fortunately that has never been an issue for me 😉

  2. This past week was nuts up here!

    love the cute pink helmet 🙂 you are so brave for biking in the street!!!!!! you get mad props for that.

  3. Kelly says:

    OMG, I could be terrified to ride a bike on the streets – especially in rush hour. Be careful, lady!

  4. That is amazing that you rode your bike on the NYC streets! I am a total wimp and it freaks me out! One day I will 🙂

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