Are you living life?

I’m a sap for inspirational quotes, anecdotes or stories. When I came across this quote I felt compelled to break it down and ask myself, what have I done in 2011?

So here I go, let’s see what I’ve accomplished…

Take chances – Check! I’ve always been extremely independent, so I’d say moving in with a boy was a big leap for me….saying I Love You…becoming a runner and completing two half marathons when the idea of running anything over a mile previously scared the sh*t out of me…Oh, and I rode a bike through the streets of NY yesterday – I’d pretty much say that’s taking a chance.

Tell the truth – In the work place, to friends and family, I’m pretty honest….

Date someone totally wrong for you – Well I guess it depends how you interpret this. I’ve been dating the same man all year (and we just moved in together a few weeks ago!), I think he’s totally RIGHT for me, but in many ways one could say he’s totally wrong for me. He’s completely into music and I listen to litefm and z100 (aka have no music taste); He loves SciFi, I like chic flicks; I wake up early to run, he wakes up early to go back to bed…opposites attract?

Say NO – I’ve stood up for myself in the work place and said NO. I’ve had to tell my friends and family NO to things when I just felt pulled to thin. I don’t really have a huge problem saying no, I’ve learned that I can’t do everything, I’m not superhuman.

Spend all your cash – a long expensive trip to Italy, buying my Garmin & Nook, jaunting down to Maryland for the weekend SOLEY to eat crab, new running shoes & gear…yeah I’d say my wallets on low!…I am a saver at heart though so this is always a tough task for me.

Get to know someone random – I’ve partially accomplished this by meeting some blogger friends, but I could definitely get to know more random people more often.

Be random – eeehhh I’m a planner, I’m not really good at this. I need to put it on my list of things to do…

Say I Love You – Done and done 🙂

Sing out loud – haha yeah, I feel bad for anyone who has to ride in a car with me….

Laugh at stupid jokes – Do my own count? Yeah I’ve done this. I’m pretty dorky…

OK, maybe we had too much to drink, but it was really funny at the time

Cry – I used to be embarrassed to cry, but now it seems like a regular activity.

Apologize – I admit when I’m wrong and unfortunately I’ve had too apologize a few too many times this year.

Tell someone how much they mean to you – Yes, I’ve done this. I was hard for me to open up, but it felt good. I should tell my parents though more often.

Tell a jerk what you think – I try to keep jerks out of my life…

Laugh until your stomach hurts – Done! Those are the best times, need more…

Live Life — I’m trying…

Drinking up every last sip of life!

Regret Nothing – So far, no regrets, just learning experiences.

So, do you feel like you’re living life this year??? What have you accomplished and what do you need to work on? Test yourself! 

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8 Responses to Are you living life?

  1. Sucha good post! And I agree with everytyig you said!

    I am defiantly living life! I am taking risk I never though I would take and doing things totally ot “megan”/

  2. Amy says:

    Awesome, love it 🙂 I went through all of them and thought about my own answers…I’d say moving across the country without a job, getting one, and then moving back again definitely qualifies as taking a chance for both of us! Also, congrats on moving in with the BF!! How are you liking it so far!? Wonderful, right? 🙂

  3. Love the quote box! I think I have done most this year. With the exception of dating someone totally wrong for me (I have been married a while so that probably wouldnt sit well with the husband) but I have done that in my lifetime. I need more “laughing until my stomach hurts” situations!
    “Live life. No Regrets”-I love it.

  4. Kelly says:

    I’m a planner too and am terrible at being random or spontaneous! I’m not sure that will ever get better 🙂 But other that, I’m trying to live life the way I want (with no regrets) as much as I can. I love cheezy quotes like that one, and it definitely makes me think about stuff I should be doing differently.

  5. rungiarun says:

    Love this … it really got me thinking. I think I’ve done most things this year. Adding twins to our family has made it a pretty full year! I think I need to work on saying NO – as the twins near 1 I find myself saying NO quite a bit and I always feel bad! and being random – I tend to try and control the chaos with organization and some days I should just let it go 🙂

  6. officially in love with this post. 🙂


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