Say it, do it!

I’ve been inspired by Fit Chick in the City’s weekly “say it, do it” challenge.  This week in order to inspire myself to stay on track with my fitness, I’m going to steal her idea (sorry and thank you FitChick). I’m going to do it slightly differently, though. My schedule changes daily and I want to be able to alter my workouts based on how I feel. So instead of a full day by day outline of my workout schedule, I am going to tell you what I want to accomplish by Sunday Night 8/28:

Monday – Run 5 miles (done)

– One 8 mile run

– One yoga class

– One 6 mile run

– One 3-4 mile run

– One day of strength training or sporadically included after my daily workout for at least 3 days.

Ok there you have it. Hold me to this!!!


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3 Responses to Say it, do it!

  1. I like this! One of my goals for this week was a good speed session, and I got to check that off this morning – hooray! Hope you have a great week – go get ’em girl!

  2. Yey nice job!!! This idea adds the extra joy of being able to check something of your list when you complete one of your weekly goals too 🙂

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