From NY to San Francisco, still going strong!

It’s been such a hectic week, my apologies for no mid-week updates!

As I mentioned in my last post I headed to San Francisco last Tuesday morning for work. I had planned (hoped more is accurate of a word) to keep up a pretty consistent running schedule while on my work trip and I can proudly say that despite jetlag and lack of sleep, I rocked it! Here’s a summary of my weekly milage this week:

Monday: 4 miles

Tuesday: 6 miles

Wednesday: 3 miles

Thursday: 5 miles

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 10 miles (or 9.5miles, not exactly sure)

Sunday: Rest

Total: 28 miles!

Tuesday afternoon I got to my hotel in San Francisco around 1pm (local PST time). I grabbed some lunch with my coworkers and then we all parted ways to get some work done. After letting my food digest a bit and taking care of some emails, I was getting super antsy from being cooped up on a plane for 6 hours.  Let me also mention I made the unfortunate mistake of picking a middle seat, thinking I wouldn’t be tired enough to sleep anyways and all isle seats were taken. At least in the middle row, I only have one person to walk over to take my multiple bathroom runs. Yeah, never riding middle row again. I had two large people on both sides of me and when I got sleepy a couple of hours into the flight, I didn’t have any safe direction to lean towards and snooze. Getting back on track though, being extremely antsy I decided to take advantage of my unusual afternoon energy burst and lace up! My hotel was located in Union Square, which is about 1mile away from the Embarcadero. The Embarcadero is a path located along the bay in San Francisco and is one of the only flat areas in San Francisco to run. So on top of being an absolutely gorgeous scenic route, it’s also a practical area to run, as running up and down steep hills is not my thing. I don’t normally run with my phone, so these pictures are stolen from the web, but to give you an idea of the scenery:

I’m not sure these photos really give it justice. It felt a little strange at first to be back in San Francisco. I lived there for about a year, which now feels like a distant memory/weird dream. I have to tell you, though, the one thing I loved about the city were the beautiful views and running on the Embarcadero with palm trees on one side and the Bay on the other.

My run started pretty well and I felt good, enjoying the cool 60 degree temperature. There was a breeze along the bay that was getting kind of annoying, but I was just happy to be running in below 80 degree temperatures at that point. I didn’t have a specific distance goal in mind, but was shooting for 3 – 6miles. Guess what, I hit the 6 miles! OK, if you read my weekly mileage that probably wasn’t a huge surprise 🙂 I did start to feel a little uncomfortable around mile 3 and I realized I should have given my lunch a little more than 45mins to digest – lesson learned!

When I got back to the hotel I took a quick shower, did more work and then headed out with my work crew to see a Giants (SF baseball team) game.

Everyone always says the the Giant’s stadium is beautiful and I never understood why until I peered behind the bleacher seating and saw the amazing water view:

See the kayakers sitting out there? I don’t totally understand it, but apparently at each game people sit out their in boats waiting for a homerun ball to fly over. I can’t tell if people that sit in the kayaks waiting for stray balls are really hardcore baseball fans because they’re sitting out in the cold water for hours with little to no entertainment all for the hopes of one ball; or if they’re just nuts, because if you’re that hardcore of a fan, wouldn’t you want to watch the game?

Having had lived in San Francisco last year, I was prepared for the cold San Francisco summer night air with a wool coat, but I was still chilly. I definitely do not miss the bone chilling nights in San Francisco.

Tuesday night I got to bed around 11pm and set my alarm clock for 6am on Wednesday inorder to get in a run before work. When my alarm went off at 6am I rolled over, shut it off and closed my eyes. I couldn’t get back to sleep, though, knowing I would be happy later if I just got out of bed and at least did a short run. So my mind won over my body and I headed out for a short 3 mile run along the Embarcadero! It was a bit colder than I expected and topped with the wind, I wasn’t quite prepared with shorts and a light long sleeve t-shirt.

Wednesday night I went out for a delicious dinner at Baker and Banker with coworkers. If you’re ever in San Francisco I urge you go there! Luckily my coworkers are foodies as well so we share a bunch of food and I got to try a lot of yummy things. My favorite highlights of the meal were fresh homemade ricotta cheese crostini, homemade papardelle pasta with mushrooms and truffle oil (LOVE), miso blackened cod and peach crisp.

A few too many glasses of wine later, I was in bed around midnight. Through the wonderful world of blog/twitter I discovered that Ashley from NY (who I had not met before, but who’s blog I love) was going to be in San Francisco the same week. We had planned to meet up for a run on Thursday morning. Although I had no desire to get out of bed after less than 6 hours of sleep I was excited to have company during my run so I pulled myself out of bed. Ashley was doing her long run, so I met her about 10miles into her run and we ran about 3miles together (I did 2 alone). It was great to meet Ashley and I really enjoyed the company! I realized how awesome it is to run with someone, the time flew by! I stole this picture from Ashley’s blog (thanks Ashley!):

…and on top of the wonderful company, the early morning view wasn’t bad:

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty tired all of Thursday at work, but I powered through. Thursday night I had a work dinner at a sushi restaurant. We had a beautiful view from our table of the Bay Bridge:

I wasn’t in a “going out” modd, but dinner turned out to be a lot of fun and I got to try a delicious Chablis wine from France. My meal, unfortunately though, was kind of ruined twice:

1) I tired Sea Urchin and almost vomited, I had to spit it out at the table. Classy right?? I’m glad I have a pretty accepting team of coworkers 🙂

2) I ate a piece of a lobster roll that had a LARGE amount of a hot pepper. My mouth felt like it was on fire and I thought my tongue was going to blow up. The feeling was awful, uncomfortable and took too long to go away.

Morale of Thursday night’s outing – Trying new things is awesome, but Sea Urchin is disgusting, save yourself! Sushi and hot peppers don’t go together well (and you can’t really see what you’re eating).

I was back in NY by Friday evening and enjoyed the gorgeous evening sipping wine and eating appetizers outside at Inoteca with my boyfriend and a close friend. Inoteca is a classic go-to wine bar of mine, it’s conveniently located for me and I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve had there – food and wine. My one pet-peeve with the place that cuts back on my visits, is that it is expensive. When you look at the prices of the food separately, nothing appears extravagant, but the bill always seems to add up. The plates are somewhat small and the cheapest wine is $9.

Saturday morning I was excited to meet Shannon, another blogger, for a long run with the Nike Town Run Club! I happily got out of bed at the ripe hour of 7am (it was Saturday after all!) and walked 2miles up to the Nike store on 57th and Madison to meet Shannon and the Nike crew for the 8am run. Shannon is awesome and it was great to meet her and have her company along the run! Nike splits runners up into pace groups for the long run and we ran with the 10:30min/mile pace group. The course was a 10mile route from Nike, through Central Park to 72nd Street and Park, down Summer Streets to Chamber Street and back up to the Nike store.

Summer Streets are wonderful! It’s so much fun to run freely through the streets of NY and not have to worry about getting run over by a car. The streets were filled with runners and bikers and I loved the energy. Also, Summer Streets provides water stations and there were promoters giving out free samples of energy gels and such. I almost feel like an impostor to my old self saying this, but I truly enjoyed running with a running group! I’ve always been fearful of running with other people, let alone a big group. The pace was steady enough for me though and the motivation of running with a “team” really helped. I honestly hadn’t planned or expected to finish the course. The first few miles were tough for me, but as the run went on my legs loosened up and I just kept going. I also chatted with a few other runners in our pace group and it was nice to meet some fellow runners and hear their stories/advice. After the run I was chatting with one of the fellow runners in my group and she said to me, “So you’re a real runner, aren’t you?” I wanted to hug her and cry tears of happiness. Instead I replied with a smile, “I guess so, but I’ve only took up running this past January.” She was shocked that I’ve only been running for 8 months. I was shocked that I was confident enough to say out loud that I am a runner.

I’m counting Saturday’s run as 10miles because Nike said so and our group pacer reassured me it was 10 miles, but I think it was more about 9.60miles. My Garmin cut out a bit and I forgot to start it a few times after I had stopped at a light, so I can’t trust that exactly. I mapped the run on when I got home, though, and it says it was 9.60, plus our time seemed too quick to be 10 miles (roughly 1hour and 38minutes). Curious, has anyone else run with Nike before and what do you think about the accuracy of their distance? It’s not a huge difference so it doesn’t matter, but I’m always just curious (I’m somewhat of a numbers geek).

I’ll be writing up a full review of the Nike Run Club for, so if you want to learn more about the group check in on on Wednesday!

Saturday night was one of my best friends from elementary school’s Bachelorette party. It was a blast! I’ve been friends with the bride to be since 2nd grade and she’s my first friend to get married. The party was a momentous, fun and sappy occasion! The 8 of us started off at dinner and ended the night at Joshua Tree for an awesome 80’s music dance party! It was the first time in TOO long that I’ve been out for a late night of drinking and dancing and I have to say I miss it. I get so wrapped up in other parts of my life that I sometimes forget how important it is to just go out and have a good time. Don’t get me wrong, I do my fair share of drinking, but it’s usually Happy Hour and I’m usually in bed by 10pm/11pm. Sometimes a girl just needs a night with vodka and good friends :-)…and penis lollipops and penis straws that I felt the need to bring into the bar from the limo…I felt like the night was a success when I was walking home a few blocks in the rain, apparently swerving enough for the people behind me to kindly ask if I was OK – I don’t care what anyone says, New Yorkers are the nicest people!

QUESTION: Have you ever run with a running group? What do you think of it, like/dislike? What did you do this weekend?? We all see a lot of rude things happen on the streets of NY everyday, but what’s some of the kind moments you’ve experienced?

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7 Responses to From NY to San Francisco, still going strong!

  1. Theodora says:

    I ran with the Nike Run Club the weekend before last, and they definitely ran wayyyyy faster than they said. I went with the 10:00 pace group and we were doing way closer to a 9:00 mile.

  2. you are awesome!!! sounds like the bachelorette party was a success 🙂

    now im curious about the pace they were running too.

  3. Melissa says:

    love this post! glad you had fun in San Fran! and met Ashley!!! Can’t wait for the NIke Run club review, I’ve always wanted to try it!! San Fran has so many great places to eat. Oh, and impressive mileage, you are a runner!

  4. lryamin says:

    Beautiful pictures in San Francisco. It’s great that you were able to keep up with your running schedule while traveling.

  5. Looks like such a crazy but FUN Week!!!

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