I Got Crabs in Maryland

This weekend I got crabs in Maryland! Don’t worry, though, my boyfriend got them too..that was my attempt to be funny haha probably didn’t work!

Friday night I went out to happy hour with a good friend from that I had met at my first job after college about 4 years ago. A good amount of my “NY friends” (meaning none of them are from NY, but we became friends in NY) were from my first couple of jobs. Working in the media industry was a great place to start a career and my life in NY. I remember my first job felt more like I was going to High School than to work; everyone was young, we all hung out, socialized and gossip flew around the office. We were like High School kids all over again, except for this time around we had money to spend (if only a little) and could legally drink (and were given a lot of free booze). Anyways I’m getting a little off topic! I met up with my friend for Happy Hour because life has been a little crazy lately and now, working in different offices and living in different neighborhoods, we don’t get to see each other much. We met up at Cavatappo on 3rd to sit outside and score the $5 wine specials before 7pm. I go to Cavatappo too often, I swear they’re starting to think I’m some alch-y that sleeps outside their door at night; but seriously, who can pass up $5 glasses of wine in NY! It was a nice and low-key evening and I always love catching up with friends over wine 🙂

I had full intentions of getting up early on Saturday morning and getting  a short run in through Summer Streets before we left for Maryland. I LOVE summer streets, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to run freely down Park Ave! Unfortunately my legs had a different plan. I got out of bed at 7:30, got dressed in my running gear and headed out. Yeah, I made it all the way from 2nd Ave to Lexington until I realized I was just not feeling it, a run was not in my cards for the day. I headed back to my building and went to the gym in the basement to do a short (15min short) free-weights workout. A few lungs and shoulder presses later and I was back at my apartment ready to shower and get on the the morning. We rented a ZipCar and at around 9:30am we were on the road headed to Annapolis. Luckily we didn’t hit much traffic! The ride was still long though. We stopped in Delaware on the way down to grab a bite to eat. Expecting a big dinner, I just got a beat and goat cheese salad, which left me kind of hungry. As a side note, does anyone know someone that grew up or lived in Delaware? Niether my BF or I know anyone from the area, so we demised it’s not a “real” state.

We arrived in Annapolis, MD around 3pm and were able to check into our room. We stayed at the Loew’s because a coworker recommended it and I kind have a fetish for nice hotels 🙂 OK, NOT a creepy fetish, I just really appreciate nice hotels. Our room was gigantic:

I’m not sure if the picture does it justice, but there was a living room area and a bedroom area, a TV in each. Unfortunately this big and pricey room didn’t boast any windows to the outside world (strange?).

We took a stroll down to the city center of Annapolis and down to the water.

Annapolis was an adorable “quaint” town. It had the look and feel of a mini beach town, almost a smaller version of Cape May and with no beach.

It was blazing hot out and the humidity in the area made it feel like I was walking through a water bubble. The weather was kind of uncomfortable, BUT it the heat did call for a necessary ice-cream stop. We stumbled upon Annapolis Ice Cream Company on Main Street. I hesitate to make such a bold statement, but it was THE BEST ICE CREAM I’VE EVER ATE. They had a variety of flavors from unique to classic. I’m awful with decisions so the big menu of options made it a little tough for me. Luckily, the nice ice cream man behind the counter was patient and happy to let me sample. I tried the “Apple Pie” ice cream, which I was told is baked with a fresh WHOLE apple pie in ever batch. It was delicious, but a little bit too much for me at the time. Instead, I went with the coconut-chocolate chip. I’m not usually a huge coconut fan, but the coconut didn’t overpower the ice cream. It was more like a vanilla base, with a lot of fresh shredded coconut mixed in and shaved chocolate pieces. So yeah, if you ever find yourself in Annapolis, you MUST go to Annapolis Ice Cream Company. My boyfriend got the cookie dough (his standard) and it was also amazing. It wasn’t like the normal cookie dough with obviously machine made balls of cookie dough, there were actual goops of fresh cookie dough in it. I should have taken a picture, but it was hot and melting and just disappeared in my belly too quickly 🙂

The most important highlight of the trip – CRABS. Two places were recommended to us for crabs from my native Maryland co-worker: Mikes Crab House and Cantler’s. Cantler’s had better reviews on Yelp.com, so we went with that one. We arrived at Cantler’s at about 7:20pm and had to wait in line to even park our car. During the wait, we decided it would be best to take the time to practice our crab hands: Notice the pony tail I’m rocking – humidity + Katherine’s hair = gross.

After putting our name down, we had to wait about 1.5hours for a table. Their bar isn’t real big to wait, but everyone just takes their drinks to the parking lot and waits around. The BF didn’t have any picture ID on him since he’s waiting for his new NY license in the mail and forgot his passport, so I had get the drinks and sneak them to him in the parking lot. I felt like I was really robbing the craddle! haha except for he’s actually older than me. Thunderstorms rolled in during our 1.5 hour wait, luckily I brought an umbrella. Cantler’s is right on the water, so at least it was a pretty, very “summery” scene to wait around.

By the time we got a table I was tipsy (2 cosmo’s and no food will do it) and very hungry. We ordered 6 large crabs, hush puppies, coleslaw and a portabello mushroom stuffed with crab.

Neither of us had ever eaten a crab out of it’s shell before, but luckily there was a nice couple from D.C. seated next to us that were crab-cracking veterans. They showed up the tricks of the trade. By the end of the night, these crabs ended up in my belly:

…and boy were they tasty!!! So fresh and not an ounce of “fishy-ness” taste to them. They gave us butter and vinegar as dipping sauces, but no sauce was needed. De-shelling a crab was a lot easier than I thought it would be a kind of fun! You get a mini hammer so all you really have to do is pound! Eating crab, I learned, is a good healthy way to get out aggression (sorry crabs). The side dishes we got were delicious as well. I’m not a huge coleslaw fan, but this one wasn’t too creamy. I’ve never had hush puppies before, but I liked ’em! I not a true southerner, though, and got ketchup to dip them in. I still think I prefer french fries, but they’re a solid 2nd option. The crab stuffed mushroom was absolutely devine. It we didn’t have a whole pile of crabs sitting in front of us, I could have just eaten the crab stuffed mushroom and been gleefully happy. It came in a tasty broth with cherry tomatoes and spinach – veggies make me happy. Not to mention the crab was extremely fresh and no fillers. Needless to say, my belly went home happy Saturday night.

The next day we slept in, got some brunch and then headed back to NY. We were greeted by a crazy storm in NJ:

Don’t worry, we made it home alive!

Now that my week to unwind is over, I was ready to get out on the road this morning and run. I got up at around 7am and pushed out a 4mile run @ an avg. pace of 10:10min/mi, but it felt tough. My body wasn’t fueled properly and I should have gone earlier in the morning because the sun was getting hot on the east river. I felt nauseous when I got back home. I drank a lot of water and Vitamin Zero and instantly felt better.

I’m headed to San Francisco this week for work, so I think I’m going to take another easy week. I’m leaving tomorrow morning, so I may either wake up early (5am) to get a short run in, or go for an early evening jog in SF. I’m going to a Giants (baseball) game with work Tuesday night, but I should be able to get out for some exercise around 4pm, since it will be 7pm on the East Coast. Wed and/or Thursday I really want to go for a run along the Embarcadero. For those of you who have never been to San Francisco, the Embarcadero is a beautiful path along the water and is lined with palm trees on the other side. It’s my favorite place in San Francisco.

I get back from SF Friday night, so I’m going to try to make it to the Nike Run Club Saturday AM so I can (1) take advantage of summer streets (2) get in a longish run (3) run with some fellow bloggers! So any of you bloggers out there planning on doing the Nike Run on Saturday morning, please email or tweet me Friday night to encourage me to wake up Saturday!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week. For now, von voyage!

QUESTIONS: Do you run/exercise on vacation or work trips? Anybody else as obsessed with crab as I am right now!? Since I missed out on Summer Streets this weekend, how was it!?

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8 Responses to I Got Crabs in Maryland

  1. Looks like a fun weeked!

    I try to run / exercise on vacation but I don’t stress myself out over it!

    I am soo excited for Summer Streets but unfortanely I will out of town the nxt two weekends 😦

  2. twofeetgood says:

    Ah, ice cream like that is a reason to run for……..yum

  3. Melissalissa says:

    glad you got your crab, looks like a fun trip. I always workout on vacation, not everyday or really intensely, but a little something.

  4. Jess says:

    I couldn’t agree more, my first few years in NYC felt just like high school or maybe a little more like college.

  5. I ❤ crab! Snow crab is so addicting. I could snap crack and pop them for every meal if i could!

    so glad you had a great trip last weekend.. ill be asking u all about this zipcar during summer streets tmrw 🙂 muwhahaha.

    can't wait to finally meet you!

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