Week to Unwind

I wish the title meant on was on vacation, but not this week! A week to unwind is merely a week that I am allowing myself to go off a running schedule and just take things a little slower in terms of exercise. After the Queens Half I feel like I need a break. I worked up to 13miles in 8 weeks for this half marathon and the quick uptake in mileage has kind of worn me down.

Luckily Sunday, the day after the race, my legs weren’t extremely sore and I only had very mild hip pain (from my previous injury). My stomach was also feeling better and the diarrhea from the day before had dissipated. Overall, though, I was just feeling weak and lethargic from not being able to properly refuel after the race on Saturday. I considered doing a short, slow, recovery run on Sunday, but decided I just wanted to stay in bed instead. So far my week in exercise has gone like this:

Monday – I naturally woke up around 7am so I got in a nice and easy 4mile run.

Tuesday – I naturally woke up at 7am again, but wasn’t in the mood to run so I did an easy 20min on the Elliptical in my building’s gym. I probably would have gone longer, but the TV on the machine was messed up and I couldn’t get it to tune into The Today Show (NBC). I tried watching the ABC morning show, but it just wasn’t the same, I need my dose of Al Roker and Matt Lauer in the morning! haha.

Wednesday (Today) – Again I naturally woke up at 7am (I think my body is telling me that 7am is my wake up time!) and felt fine so I embarked on a short 3 mile run. Unfortunately my ovaries had a different idea. Today is the first day of my period and when I started running, I wanted to keel over in pain. I made it 2.75miles and then couldn’t go anymore.

Last night I went out with one of my favorite girl friends in NY. We had a couple of glasses of wine and I was feeling extra tipsy. We were sitting outside, it was a gorgeous night and it was so much fun to catch up. The best part — it was refreshing to be able to have one too many glasses of wine and not worry about waking up for an intense run the next morning. I do want to get a 6mile and 8mile run in this week, but I’ll have to see how things go.

On a more fun note, the bf and I are going to Annapolis, Maryland Saturday – Sunday!!! I had a minor freak out last week where I declared that “I need to get out of the city and do something!,” so yeah, mini vaca! How did we pick Annapolis Maryland you may ask? Simple answer – Crab. I’ve never eaten a whole crab out of a shell and it’s been one of my goals this summer (some of you have goals to run a marathon, mine is too de-shell a crab, shooting high right?).Hopefully accompanied with some french fries. What better place to go for crab than Maryland! We picked Annapolis because we didn’t really want to go to the crowded beach areas, or another city-atmosphere like Baltimore. I expect my meal to look something like this:

I’m sure we’ll do we’ll other things in Maryland besides just eat crab, of coures. Things like drink fun cocktails on the water, sleep in late…ya know, all the touristy things 🙂

I’m just excited to get away, even if it is only for a couple of days and 1 night. I’ve spent most of the summer in the city and as much as I enjoy the emptiness of NYC on weekends, I’m getting antsy and need to be one of those people who are leaving the city for the weekend.

Now that I’ve completed my 2nd Half Marathon, where I hit a PR at 2:08:25, I need a new goal. I don’t want to run a farther distance for now, but focus on speed. I haven’t picked what will be my next Half Marathon yet, but I’m thinking something in late October/November or December. I want to pick a race that is a little ways away so I have ample time to focus on building up speed and distance. I also want to take the time to build up strength so I don’t get injured again. This means incorporating more strength training and yoga. I haven’t picked an exact goal yet, but it would be amazing if I could accomplish a sub 2hour half. That may be a few more races out though. I’m going to ponder over races and time goals during my “down” week this week and pick something that is a realistic challenge…Stay tuned…

QUESTION: After a race, do you take time to wind down or go straight into your next training plan? Has anyone ever been to Annapolis and have any recommendations?? Anyone have any tips on how to eat a crab??? It looks tough! Do you have any advice on to pick up speed — do you believe in speed work, lots of tempo runs, strength training or just running balls to the walls until you can’t run any further!?

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6 Responses to Week to Unwind

  1. Kelly says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Maryland for the crab! I love crabcakes, especially. I bet everything will be so delicious 🙂

    After a race, I usually take it easy for a week or two, depending on the distance and how I feel. You totally deserve and need the rest this week! And hooray for wine and friends on a beautiful night 🙂

  2. Dori says:

    Speed definitely comes with time. You are probably much faster now than when you started running! Your “unwind” week sounds pretty intense to me!

  3. Melissa says:

    enjoy your mini break. I would say crab is like lobster, but harder and it’s just a lot of cracking and hammering. excited to hear how it goes.

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  5. hahah love that “running balls to the wall”

    hope you enjoyed your weekend in maryland! so jealous of your nyc escape 🙂

    when it comes to crab.. just take out all of your aggression on it: snap, pop and hammer away!

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