Queens Half Marathon Countdown: 1 day

Happy Friday All!!!!

It’s one day until the Queens Half Marathon and thanks to everyone’s positive wishes, and uplifting antedates about the race/course, I’m excited to wake up early tomorrow and run! It’s encouraging to know that there will be other bloggers out there on the course with me like Dori, Melissa, Ashley and Becky; and the race will be packed with supporters along the course, like Amy who be cheering on her boyfriend. 

I didn’t totally stick to my planned running schedule for the week, replacing a short run with a rest day. This is how things went…

Monday – 8milesComplete

Tuesday – RestComplete

Wednesday – 6milesComplete

Thursday – 3-4miles planned Took a Rest Day

Friday – Rest 

Saturday – 13.1 miles!!! yipppeee!

Sunday – 2-3miles recovery

Thursday morning I just could not get out of bed. If you have been reading my blog, you will know I do not sleep well. On top of that, my hip was a little sore from my 8mile run the day before; I made the mistake of not stretching enough following the run. Now after two days of not running, I’ll be raring to go tomorrow!

Yesterday (Thursday) was my official “carbo loading,”  all-I-can-eat, fuel-up day. I find it best to keep my diet pretty standard the day before a race and not risk shocking my digestive system, so I try to get some extra fuel two days before a race. Ironically, the day I declared, “stuff my face” day, I ended up not being real hungry. I’m usually ravenous all day, but yesterday I had just lost my appetite! I still managed to get some good eats in though. My day in food went something like this:

9:30am – 1 packet oatmeal with 1tbsp peanut butter and a mashed up banana (sooo goood!)

12:30pm – Organic Split Pea Soup, whole grain bread and a few bites of pasta salad from Fresh and Co.

3:00pm – Watermelon

5:00pm – finished off my pasta salad, it was shells with purple olives, artichokes, feta cheese and olive oil (surprisingly delicious!)

6:30-8:30pm – 2 glasses of white wine (oops!) at Cavatappo Wine Bar (side note: Cavatappo is my local, go-to wine bar. The waiters there are really nice and they never rush you. The food isn’t to die for, but it’s pretty good and have a solid selection of bites that go well with wine)

9:oopm – Large slice of margarita pizza

10:oopm – Watermelon and fiber one brownie (kinda gross, but I got them for free at an event)

All in all I got a decent amount of food down despite my lack of hunger.

I started today with a bowl of bran cereal and Kashi GoLean cereal, mixed with blueberries and milk:

To get prepared for tomorrow’s race, today I have a few things left to do:

  • EAT
  • Hand wash my running clothes
  • Finalize my playlist
  • Charge my ipod/phone
  • Figure out if there’s a way I can attach my phone to my waist fuel pack because I really hate wearing the arm band around my arm
  • Roll out my legs with The Stick
  • Prepare my fuel pack with water, vitamin water zero, Clif Blocks, credit card, ID, subway pass and $
  • …and Rest 🙂
Oh, I almost forgot to mention! I picked my race number up yesterday and I’m in the Pink cordial (Ok, I’m somewhat of a girly girl so that really excites me). I mean, that’s a sign right there that it’s going to be a good run 🙂
Alright, I’m off to work on my check list!
QUESTIONS: Do you have any fitness mantras or inspiring sayings that you use to lift you up during a long run or race? For the last Half Marathon I used, “You can throw in the towel, or use it to wipe off your sweat.” Could really use some new ones this go around!
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9 Responses to Queens Half Marathon Countdown: 1 day

  1. Dori says:

    The pasta salad sounds delicious. Thanks for mentioning The Stick, I need to pack mine! I better make a more comprehensive list myself right now. I am really glad you took a rest day. When I saw your plan for the week I thought it was too much, but I didn’t say anything because I figure you know yourself better!

    My mantra is a line from a Citizen Cope song called Son’s Gonna Rise, and I like to have this song play towards the end of the race. The line goes: “In a mile you’ll be feeling fine.” That is also the mantra etched onto my RoadID!

  2. Looks like you did everythig right!! Good Luck!!! I am sure you will do awesome!!

  3. Becky @cityrunnergirl says:

    ok, I don’t have a pink number for this race, but I remember when I had one in the past having the exact same conversation with myself – i love pink, so this is a good sign! haha.
    I will have to try Cavatappo! I must run by it all the time but have never been and I’ve been searching for a local wine bar for ages! Don’t forget to add to your list: Figure out how to get to Queens! That’s what I’m the most nervous about.

    • At least I’m now not the only one who gets excited about a color, makes me feel less dorky!

      How could I forget the most important task!!! haha I am really nervous about getting there (I want to be on time, but not TOO early!) I live in Murray Hill and I think I’m just going to take a cab; without traffic it would be 25min, so I’ll leave an hour to be safe. If I take the subway it will be 3 transfers and thats really hard to time on the weekend. What’s your plan?

      • Dori says:

        Getting to the race is really easy. A cab will be about $30, maybe a little less. As for the subway, you could actually take the N from 28th street to QB Plaza for the 7. So it would really just be 2 transfers. But a little bit of a walk to Broadway.

      • I forgot you know Queens well! Where do you think the best area to the tell cab driver to go would be? I know I’ll be really nervous about being late, so the cab is a better option for me going there. Coming back I’ll go with the subway and little extra walk.

      • Dori says:

        I would definitely just tell him the directions from the NYRR site. http://nyrr.org/races/2011/hms/queens_park.asp

        From Manhattan and New Jersey –
        Merge onto Merge onto ROBERT F KENNEDY BRIDGE (TRIBORO BRIDGE).
        Merge onto I-278 W toward QUEENS/LONG ISLAND/N Y AIRPORTS
        Keep LEFT to take GRAND CENTRAL PKWY E toward LAGUARDIA airport. Take the I-495/LONG IS EXPWY exit, EXIT 10W-E, toward MANHATTAN/EASTERN LONG Island.
        Take the I-495 E exit, EXIT 10E, on the LEFT toward EASTERN LONG IS/RIVERHEAD.
        Take the COLLEGE PT BLVD exit on the LEFT.
        Turn LEFT onto COLLEGE POINT BLVD.
        Turn LEFT onto AVERY AVE to enter Flushing Meadows Parking Area Lot F

      • I have the directions printed out, thank you!

  4. can’t wait to hear how your 1/2 marathon went. let us know how the course was!

    borrowing that pasta salad recipe for next week. Looks amazinggggg.

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