Surviving the weekend with high hopes!

Good news — The oppressive heat and humidity in NYC may subside after tonight! No promises, this is just the hope I hold on to that was passed down from the NBC News weather cast.

More good news, I challenged the ugly heat Saturday morning and survived (notice how I do not say “won”)!…Let me back track to Friday…

Friday day I left my apartment twice and spent a total of about 5min. outside –

1) to get blueberries for my cereal (I was really craving blueberries, what can I say!)

2) get  Strawberry ice cream from the Baskin’ and Robins literally right across the street from my apartment

Friday night I spent at home with my boyfriend – we watched “Lincoln Lawyer” (pretty decent) and ate sushi and drank a nice chilled rose. It was hot everywhere; even with the A/C blasting, I couldn’t get my body to cool down (btw I’m ALWAYS cold). I had no desire to go outside. Saturday’s forecast called for much the same with an 85 degree low and 105 degree high temperature. I tend to be somewhat extremely stubborn, which is why when I decided earlier in the week that I would run at least 10 miles on Saturday, I was going to do it despite the fact that their was a severe heat advisory for the city (that means just going outside is dangerous, let alone running).

I woke up Saturday morning at the ripe hour of 5:30am. I forced down a leftover whole-wheat blueberry pancake topped with peanut butter; at that early hour I was not hungry, but knew I had to have some fuel. I was out the door at 5:45am and on my way up to Central Park. I was a little worried about taking on the hills in Central Park on such a hot day, but I reasoned that it was better to have the shade and deal with the heals (a little inner compromise). At 5:45 it was already hot out, 85 degrees to be exact and sticky from the high humidity.  I had my running belt on with 3 8oz. bottles of water and 1 8oz. bottle of vitamin water zero.  I ran to the park, twice around the reservoir path and then around the park some more:

Surprisingly there were a good amount of fellow runners out there with me! Proves once again that runners are die-hard and I think we’re all slightly stubborn in our own right. By 6:30am the sun was out in full force, although the trees in the park provided some relief. After willing myself through a tough and hilly 9 miles, I needed a break. I had finished all the fluids in my fuel belt and was feeling thirsty than ever. I also didn’t feel like I had enough energy. “I should have eaten more” I told myself, but I don’t think that would have settled well and may have jeopardized my whole run in general. I walked for about 10min. and then picked back up for another 1.5miles, telling myself that of course I could run a measly 1.5miles, forgetting the previous 9miles I had already run. I finished the total 10.5miles at an average pace of 10:07mi/miles. I felt amazing to have accomplished my planned milage in the heat and now I feel ready to tackle the Queens Half Marathon next weekend – after all, it can’t be as hot as this weekend, right?

I walked another 1.5 miles back to my apartment and stopped at the Dag’s grocery store for a drink since I was feeling severely dehydrated. My hear drums were starting to go out and I felt week. As I stood at the checkout counter, dripping in sweat without literally one dry spot on my body, and the checkout lady continued to ask me multiple questions about my shopping experience, I wanted to reach across the counter and slap her yelling, “give me my drink already!” Don’t worry, I didn’t do that, I didn’t have the energy 🙂

Getting home just a little past 8am, I re-hydrated.

I always rely on Vitamin Water Zero to rehydrate, but I tried a Chocolate Muscle Milk for the first time and boy was it tasty! I’ve heard Ali mention on her blog many times how dirty she is after running the Bridle Path in Central Park, but I never understood why until I looked down at my sneakers and ankles and saw them covered in dirt:

Note: My sneakers are supposed to be black, not grey!

After gulping down some fluids I showered and hopped back into my cozy bed to catch a little nap and watch The Today Show 🙂

By 10:30am I was in a ZipCar with my boyfriend on our way to PA for his family renunion BBQ at his parent’s house. I voluntarily sat in the back seat (his cousin came with us and filled the front spot) and slept 1/2 of the way through our 3 hour drive. At the BBQ I got some tasty home cooked food and got to play in the pool for many hours! On our way back to NY this morning we stopped by a local farm to buy fresh corn and tomatoes that were highly recommended to us by my boyfriend’s parents. Here’s a shot from the farm, definitely not in NY anymore..

I sampled our purchases for lunch and I must say there something to be said for fresh farm grown food, it was delicious! It was the sweetest corn I’ve had in a long time.

The rest of today I spent sleeping, since as I’ve wrote about a few times, I haven’t been sleeping well and it weighs on me during the day. I went to an early dinner at one of favorite restaurants in NY, Otto, with a good friend. We split an eggplant appetizer and a Margarita pizza and had red wine to wash it all down.

I fell in love with pizza when I studied abroad in Rome and have kept that passion with me. Otto has been one of the few places I’ve been able to find pizza with similar characteristics of my beloved Rome pizza: thin crispy crust, sweet tomato sauce, and lightly scattered fresh mozzarella cheese. On top of the pizza being amazing, the food is relatively cheap ($11 for the Margarita pizza and our whole bill came out to $25 per/person including tip) and they accept reservations so you don’t have to wait if you plan ahead. After dinner, feeling happily satisfied, I took a nice stroll home to enjoy the the hot summer evening and stopped in Union Square on my way to read a bit on my Nook.

Now I’m off to go slice into some watermelon and enjoy the last few hours of the weekend curled up on my couch.

I’m closing with a recommendation for this week – I strongly urge everyone to partake in Muffin Monday tomorrow!

QUESTIONS: Any tips/advice on pre-long run fueling?? Especially really early in the AM. Did anyone else survive a long run in the heat this weekend?? Would love to hear your stories and any funny/interesting antidotes!

Also, does anyone where suntan lotion when they run in Summer? I do, but it always just drips off, so would love any advice on products or application technique!

Oh and very importantly, what’s your favorite pizza place?! I could talk about pizza for hours 🙂

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12 Responses to Surviving the weekend with high hopes!

  1. Ugh, Saturday morning was rough. Seeing tons of people out helped make me feel a little better though – we were all suffering! And all my shoes are a hot mess from the bridle! So annoying. Maybe you need to get some carbs and/or electrolytes in during your run for energy? A waffle and PB sounds like decent pre-run fuel, but maybe you need more during your run. Just a thought!

    I get out early enough that I usually don’t use sunscreen – I’d probably sweat it off anyway!

  2. Melissa says:

    Great run! It was hot and hard to stay motivated. I also love otto,never disappoints! See you in Queens!

  3. look at you getting up at 5:30!!!! love reading other NYCers long run recaps.
    saturday run was definitely hellacious.. thank goodness it’s over with

    and friday omg.. dont know how we all survived that heat.

    i use bullfrog marathon mist sunblock for whenever im out in the sun. it works good but its really shiny!

    • Thanks for the suntan lotion recommendation! I’m going to go try and find it today. I burn too easily to be out in the blaring sun with NOTHING, but I’m kinds of tired of having to wipe off the sweat AND suntan lotion in the middle of a run haha

  4. I buy sports suntan lotion… It evenually comes off but it seems to last better than the regular lotion. Before a long run I tend to just have a half of a cliff bar. The whole thing gives me a stomach ache but usually half does me good.

  5. Amy says:

    Surprisingly, I haven’t found really awesome pizza here yet! I work right near Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn, which I’ve heard from lots of people is sooooo bomb, but I still have to try it. I’ve been to some random places in the city, but nothing that was really WHOAAAA. Crap, now i’m craving pizza like crazy.

    • I do really like Grimaldi’s and they have fresh ingredients. It’s not what I’d totally consider authentic “italian style” pizza (still delicious though!), the crust is a little thicker than I like it (although still thin-crust). You should really try Otto and Keste, those are my favs! Ahh just talking about pizza is making me hungry, I’m always up for pizza!

  6. Dori says:

    I usually drink a green juice before a long run. I don’t do well with solid foods. I wear sunblock if I am running during the day, but if it is at 6 am I only use it on my face, but not my body. I use a moisturizer with SPF on my face, so it doesn’t drip off as grossly as way conventional sunblock does. That pizza looks phenomenal!! Never been to Otto, always wanted to go. I also ran in the park on Sat morning, wish I ran into you!

    Ready for Queens??

    • Too bad I didn’t run into your Saturday! I could have really used the motivation that day, I felt like I was melting by the end haha

      I’m actually getting excited for Queens now and I’m more confident about it; So yes, I’m ready!!! I just need some time this week to create a playlist to keep me going and I should be good. We should meet up at the starting line!

      • Dori says:

        I was actually frantically looking for a running buddy on Twitter at 5 am on Sat. Ended up running with my friend Fiona. Glad you are on Twitter now though!

        Yeah, let’s try to meet up.

  7. Becky says:

    I usually just do a clif bar and some caffine, and use chomps along the way. It works so I haven’t really practiced with anything else. Otto pizza is divine. I could go there just for that, and the great red wine selection.

    • I’ve tried a clif bar pre-run and it has hurt my stomach in the past. In Clif’s defense though, I probably don’t give myself enough time for the food to digest.

      Ahhh pizza and red wine, what else does a girl need? 🙂

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