Yes, it shall be a good week!

After having a pretty good Monday and then actually completing my run this morning, I officially declared (to myself) that this was going to be a good week after all!

Why do I say “actually completing my run?” It’s because this morning many factors were just not going right. I did not sleep well, I was too hot despite blasting the A/C AND a fan, which makes waking up at 6am very tough for me. I had determined last night that I would not let myself skip my run this morning for any reason besides pain from my injury and once I make that decision, it’s set. When my alarm went off at 6am, I did something very very bad – I hit snooze (strike 1). After all, I was planning a short run, so even if I started at 7am I’d have time to do it; plus it was raining last night, so surely the overcast clouds must be lingering into the morning and I wouldn’t be attacked by harsh sun at 7am, right? Not quite. I laced up, throwing on a hat to block my face from the sun INCASE it did come out glaring and headed out by 7am. I went to turn on the radio (Lite FM of course) on my ipod and that’s when strike 2 happened, my ipod was dead. Well, I sucked it up and told myself I could make it a mere 3-4miles with just my thoughts. I mean, to be honest, I’m 1/2 sleeping during my runs in the morning anyways. Next came strike 3, the sun was out! No cloudy skies as I had expected. Well despite the 3 strikes against me, I made it 4 miles (the longer option of my planned 3 OR 4 miles). So yeah, that made me feel good! I should probably go apologize to my doorman though for dripping sweat all through the lobby…

I took a chance and walked to work again today (1.5 miles). I was prepared for the heat today, though. I wore some clean gym clothes and brought clothes to change into at work. Here’s my walking outfit:

At work we had lunch ordered in to celebrate a co-workers 2 year anniversary.  I had teriyaki salmon, asian veggies and a whole wheat roll — yum yum yum!

…and tonight I came home (a little sweaty from the walk, walk home is always hotter) to a present from myself that had arrive – a Nook! Note, I did not get the Nook color because it’s too heavy and I don’t need all that jazz in a reader. I just wanted something that I could easily carry with me everywhere and could easily use on the bike at the gym. I’m going to try it out tonight so I’ll let you know how I like it.

So despite the extreme heat and my sleeping troubles, I’m sticking with the fact that this is and will be a good week!

QUESTION: Any fun plans this week? Anything you’re looking forward to this weekend? Would love some suggestions for NYC (and borrows) fun summer weekend things to do!

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3 Responses to Yes, it shall be a good week!

  1. Dori says:

    Very interested to hear about your Nook! I have an iPad but it is a little big for every day book reading.

    Good work on the run! I got a gorgeous photo of the sunrise today on my run.

  2. I have an Ipad to read and it’s a little heavy and big.

    Such a pretty run! I am heading to Jersey to visit my parents this weekend!

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