Well Hello Monday, where’d you come from?

I probably say this every Monday, but I swear this weekend Monday just came out of nowhere. The weekend flew by! Since I’ve been a bad blogger, let me give you a recap of my weekend…

Friday night I went to the Mets/Phillies game at Citi Field with the bf and one of his friends and one of mine.

My boyfriend is a die-hard Phillies fan (as I’ve been told everyone that was raised in PA is?), so any chance he gets to see them in NY is a win; and anytime I get to sit outside on a gorgeous night eating hot dogs and drinking beer is a win for me. I was feeling the need to be healthy after eating burgers, chips, key lime pie and cupcakes at my office bbq the night before, so I opted for a Veggie Dog. First off, who knew baseball stadiums were catering to vegetarians (not that I am one per say)! Second, the veggie dog was a poor move. Loaded with lots of sauerkraut and ketchup it wasn’t bad, but a regular dog would have been way more satisfying. Luckily I had a good Belgium beer to wash down the veggie dog and my awesome friend brought a gigantic bag of Twizzlers to follow up the meal. It was “pyrotechnics” night at CitiField, so the game was followed by a sad sad showing of fireworks with music from 1986 playing. 80’s music = score! I got home from the game/fireworks display around midnight and basically passed out by 1am.

Saturday morning didn’t go quite as planned. I went to bed later than I had expected Saturday night (I know it’s sad that midnight is late), so when my alarm clock went off at 6:30am I snoozed that sh*t. By 8am I dragged myself out of bed, knowing there was no way I’d complete my long run if I waited to late and it got too hot out. I was on the road by 8:30. I embarked on my standard long run route, starting in at 23rd street on the east river and running downtown along the river, passing South Street Seaport, the Staten Island Ferry, Battery City Park and onto the West Side Highway. I had planned on spanning 10miles. Every step after mile 6 was a challenge though. My legs felt heavy and my mind was tired and frustrated with my body. I managed to chug on, but only a few blocks from home at 9.60 miles, I made the executive decision to end my run. I was a mere 0.4miles away from my 10mile goal. I knew I could run the extra 0.40miles, but my body was severely telling me NO. I believe in pushing myself, but I’ve also been trying to listen to my body more and finding a balance. Instead of being disappointed in not reaching 10miles, I was proud that I ran 9.6 miles!

My morning continued with delicious homemade wholewheat blueberry pancakes, topped with fresh blueberries.

The bf and have made a good amount of pancakes in our time, but this is the first time we’ve made Whole Wheat pancakes, using the Aunt Jemima mix. I was pleasantly surprised! They had more flavor to them than the regular Buttermilk pancakes and they didn’t have that overly “wheaty” or “grainy” taste at all.

After a delicious breakfast, it was down to get down to business. Moving time! I was moving 14 blocks from my 3 bedroom apartment shared with 2 other girls, to my boyfriends 1 bedroom apartment.

Here’s a snap shot of my exceptional packing skills:

Notice the garbage bags — After about 10mins. of packing and getting frustrated, I resorted to throwing everything into garbage bags…Classy right? To note, I will be re-using those garbage bags for actual garbage too.

…and here’s what it looked like in my new apartment, after the movers moved everything from point A to point B:

Way to make myself feel at home, right?

A side note to how cool the blog world can be – I was reading Dori‘s blog the other day and she posted how she wanted a vanity table for her apartment with a picture of the one she wanted. Well, what a small world, the vanity table she wanted was the exact vanity table that I had and was looking to sell! Needless to say, we made the exchange Saturday and I got to meet Dori, who’s blog I love.

After the move, we went to my favorite local Italian restaurant, Bistango. They’re known for their Gluten Free options. I don’t opt for those, as I have no food allergies, but their food in general is tasty! All the pastas and fresh, the sauces are glorious and everything has a light and healthy feel to it.

Sunday was spent unpacking, taking a trip to Bed, Bath&Beyond for an eye-mask (there’s too much light in the bedroom for this sensitive sleeper) and the hardware store for a full length mirror (a girls must have). Don’t let me fool you, it wasn’t all work – I did take a good chunk of time to sit in Madison Sq. Park reading and people watching; take a well deserved trip to Tasti-D-Lite and get my favorite panini for lunch at a wonderful European cafe.

Now here we are and it’s Monday night already! Where does time go? Today was Muffin Monday, so that generally makes a decent day. I also did a stellar (the 80’s music Friday night really stuck) 7 miles this morning…I have high hopes that this is going to be a wonderful week…

QUESTION: Any organizing or designing tips for apartments? I need to put my shoes and bags someplace! Looking forward to anything fun this week??

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7 Responses to Well Hello Monday, where’d you come from?

  1. moving is the worst up hereeeee, but it is exciting to get a fresh new start in a different area!

    design tip would be to go to Barnes and Noble and check out their collection of funky decorating books. They’re really inspirational! tons of cool stuff in them, just take pics of stuff that jumps out to u on your phone and then try to recreate it in your new casa.

    hope you have a great week!!!

  2. ooh, congrats on the move! I have this shoe rack that hangs on a closet door and fits a ton of shoes. It’s a little ugly, but it saves a lot of space! Got it at bed bath & beyond. Hope you have a good week and stay cool in this crazy heat!

    • Thank you!!!

      Yeah I’m going to need to get one of those shoe racks, because I need the floor of my closet for other random things. I don’t mind ugly, I’m too practical with that stuff 🙂

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  4. Dori says:

    Finally remembered to add you to my reader so I won’t forget to read anymore! So great meeting you and it is AMAZING about the table, how funny is that! My mom could not understand how we didn’t know each other. Haha.

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