Running Toys!

I have a new favorite Toy that I can’t stop playing with – The Stick. Ok, that sounds really dirty, but I swear it’s a running tool I should call it. It’s a stick, think of a thin rolling pin, but with rings around it. It is used to massage out sore muscles and/or injury-prone areas.

I bought mine on Sunday morning. I’ve been suffering from a really tight hamstring (I stretch a lot too!!!) for the past couple of weeks and on Saturday I discovered a newly sore foot.  I figured The Stick would be a much cheaper alternative to getting a personal massage every day. I bought the small length Stick because I thought it would be easier to get at the small muscles and concentrate on trouble spots more accurately. I’ve been using The Stick for 3 days and already my hamstring pain has gotten a LOT better. It’s also helped massage out my IT Band and Piriformis Muscle (that gave me my injury, you can read more here and here as well). I’m kind of obsessed with my stick right now. One disclaimer, though, The Stick can be abusive, I noticed today that I had a small bruise along my IT Band.

While I was in physical therapy, the Physical Therapist used a similar technique to massage out my Piriformis muscle, using this scary looking metal tool (there was a name to the method/tool, but I forget it). He warned me that it could cause bruising, so I’m assuming the same theory applies with the consumer Stick. I’m chalking it up to, “I’m doing a REALLY good job massaging out my muscles!”

QUESTION: What’s your favorite running tool?

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6 Responses to Running Toys!

  1. I really like the stick! I have to say, I think I like my foam roller better though. It has been a life saver for sore muscles. I’m also totally addicted to my Garmin and can’t imagine running without it!

    • I have a foam roller too, I like it for my sore thighs, but I’m clumsy so the stick is definitely easier to use haha…and I like the stick for really hard pressure on injured areas.

      I just ordered a Garmin that should arrive today, I can’t wait to try it out!

  2. I want one of those. Instead I act cheap and use a rolling pin. LOL Doesn’t work as good for the smaller muscles but it does help a lot! Rolling works wonders.

    • I actually saw that picture of you using a rolling pin on your blog the other day and felt silly for actually buying a “sports tool” for it! On the other hand, I don’t actually own a rolling pin haha

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