8 Mile and Muffin Monday!

I’m having a pretty fantastic Monday!

Last night I set the alarm on my phone (HTC Droid) for 6am with the message, “Go run! It will make you feel good” to appear when it went off. I told myself that I would NOT be snoozing the alarm and the best way to actually wake up early would be to just suck it up and jump straight out of bed. My plans don’t always work, but ya know what, when my alarm went off at 6am, I laughed at the message I wrote myself and shut straight up. I laced up, lathered on some 50 SPF, ate 1/2 a granola bar, a shot of coffee and was out the door!

I didn’t set out on my run with a specific distance in mind, but since I took the weekend off from running I wanted to do 5miles or above.

To back track a little, Saturday was a planned rest day as I had to wake up early to spend the day wine tasting in Long Island with some girl friends (tough life I know). It was a Shecky’s Wine Tasting and Shopping event — they really know how to speak to a girl’s heart. I stupidly wore flip flops all day Saturday and when I got back to the city Saturday night and put my sneakers on to take a stroll, all of a sudden my foot felt like it was broken. Every step I took, it got worse. It was the strangest thing and even describing it I feel like anyone reading this must be thinking – is she nuts!? But I promise, the pain was real. It was mainly concentrated in my heal. I’m blaming the pain on my old, worn through flip flops. I tried icing my foot and stretching/rolling it, but nothing helped. When I woke up Sunday morning and my foot still hurt (a little better, but not even close to normal), I decided to skip the 8-12mile run I had planned…kind of sad, but for the best in the long run.

Back to the quasi present and my Monday morning run — I prepared for a longer run by wearing my fuel pack because I know in the humidity/heat I need water to last. I headed out to the East River at the 23rd street entrance and continued on my regular route along the river headed downtown. This morning, though, instead of turning around once I hit the Williamsburg Bridge I kept going until I hit the Manhattan Bridge; THEN I turned around to run back along the East River and ran up to 34th street where the path ends and then home. Total mileage: 8Miles – I felt so good, amazing way to start a Monday! Waking up at 6am felt pretty darn good too! I went to bed at 11pm the night before and generally do really well off of 6-7 GOOD hours of sleep. It was a tiny bit cooler outside too, since the sun hadn’t fully warmed up yet.

On my walk to work I stopped to get a muffin for my new tradition of Muffin Mondays that I wrote about in a previous post 🙂 yummm

Oh and because apparently I’m going through a mid-year crisis that I’m taking out on my credit card, I ordered the Garmin Forerunner 410 watch today! It comes in Wed. and I’m very excited to try it out. Review to come…

On that note, time to go give my full attention to The Bachelorette with this beautiful view of Manhattan peering out my window.

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