Food Nostalgia

This evening I went to dinner with two good friends that I met at my first job after college in NYC. I like to consider it fate, but circumstances brought us all to DraftFCB to start our careers in the real-world as media planners – a path none of us have since chosen to follow. Where fate really comes into play, though, we were all randomly placed in this same “makeshift office” room. We later coined the “room”  The Lighthouse as a way of bringing life to our small, windowless, office space.

Last night the three of us got together for one of our “Lighthouse” dinners, which we try to do every month or so. When the Lighthouse dinners started 3 years ago, we made it a goal to go restaurants in different locations of the city and change up the ethnicity of food. Some of the spots we hit up included Di Fara’s Pizza in Brooklyn, Cacio e Pepe in the East Village, Nomado 33 in Murray Hill, a mexican restaurant and a Spanish restaurant (can’t remember the names). Somewhere along the way Penelope’s on 30th street and Lexington became our signature spot. I’m not how that became our homage,  but I can infer that it naturally happened due to the delicious food they serve leaves you feeling warm and happy inside, the reasonable prices, the cute country decor and the midtown location that works for all of us. I live relatively close to Penelope’s and LOVE the food, but I never seem to want to go their unless it’s with my Lighthouse Girls. The restaurant and the food triggers a sensory of those times with my Lighthouse Girls and it would be as if I was cheating on them to go with someone else; and you know what, I feel like the food wouldn’t taste as good without them. Maybe I’m crazy, but I like to think of it as “food nostalgia.”

After an evening of catching up (catching up = venting), paired with a warm-chicken meatball salad (delicious I swear!) and glass of wine wine later, I went home in a little of a better mood than I have been lately. Sometimes all it takes is to be surrounded by friends to lift my mood.

Despite going to bed early, when I woke up with morning my bed just felt like heaven and I did not want to move. By 7:15am I got out of bed feeling mostly rested. I put on my sneakers and decided to attempt a short run. When I got outside in the warm. humid air and started running my legs and mind just felt tired so I decided to walk around the block and go home instead. Today was going to be a rest day for me anyways, so I didn’t stress about it, which I’m really proud of myself for! It’s funny, most people are proud of themselves FOR exercising, I’m proud of myself for NOT. I did, however, embark on my 2.25 mile walk to work, so at least I got in some movement before work.

After a busy day of work I’m not home and ready to sit down to a home “cooked” dinner that consistes of a veggie burger topped with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and mushrooms on a whole wheat, with a side salad.

It may not look so great, but I find it quite tasty! I was a vegetarian for 13 years of my life so my heart still lies with veggie burgers.

QUESTION: Do you believe in my Food Nostalgia theory? Do you have special spots with your friends/family/bf’s/ex’s that you wouldn’t dare to trespass on without them?

Happy Thursday 🙂

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