A Little Friday Inspiration

I read this quote on a blog, http://wttmb.tumblr.com/, this morning and I had to steal it:

“Do uncomfortable things. If you’re not just a little bit fearful when you decide to do something epic, or when you share your work with the world, then it’s probably boring and it probably sucks.  If you do things where you can’t possibly fail and you won’t be criticized, then believe me, nobody will care about what you’re doing.”

QUESTION: Would love to hear your inspirational, funny or “learning” stories of when you did something uncomfortable!

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4 Responses to A Little Friday Inspiration

  1. ooooh good quote! Never heard that one before.

    something uncomfortable was pressing Submit for the marathon!

  2. I love that quote! And I full heartedly agree. I think something uncomfortable for me was actually purchasing the personal training certification materials and putting it out there that I’m pursuing that venture. Scary!

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