The heat won’t keep me cooped up!

This morning I work up at 6:45am and the sun was already out in full force. By 7am I was on the road for my non-pre-decided length run. I took the normal route, running to the east side and hopping on the river path around 23rd street. By the time I hit the trail, only 0.5miles from my apartment, I was already feeling the heat. At 7am it was already 75 degrees and sunny and the are felt stagnant. I was carrying a re-used Poland Spring bottle with me to aid survival. My legs felt heavy and I didn’t have strong hopes of making it far, but seeing all the other runs out there with me help give me that little boost of energy I needed. I love how in NY, you’re never running alone, there’s always other crazy people out there with you even on the hottest or coldest of days. I ended up completing a 5mile run that took me down the East river path a little past the Williamsburg Bridge, then back up to 34th street and back to my apartment.

When I got home I was a sweaty mess. I wiped myself down with some paper towels and then headed to the gym in my basement to finish off with some stretching. I really just wanted to jump straight into the shower, but I need to make sure I stick with my stretching/strength exercises to ward off injury again. At the gym there were people on the treadmill and the elliptical getting their cardio inside, but as long as the sun is shining, I will be outside. I understand not running outside when its’ 20 degrees out. So in the opposite respect, I guess I have to be respectful of people that feel the same way about extreme heat, but it’s just not my philosophy.

My latest lazy trend, instead wasting a lot of money on a bunch of running clothes, or doing my laundry every few days (I loathe doing laundry!), I’ve started to hand wash my running clothes daily.

Sink wash, you know you like it. Check out the green socks floating in there. I figure this is slightly better than wearing extremely smelly running clothes from the day before, which I sadly admit I’ve done many times (what? They’re just going to get dirty again anyways). It’s those days, though, that I feel REALLY bad for the people who get stuck in the elevator with me.

As an update from last nights post – I am in a much better mood today! I need to spend more time on activities that I enjoy, which I why I hope to continue to be blogging and running more; and maybe throw in a little cooking, restaurant reviews and check out some new ways of exercising.

I’ve love to hear from you! What are your thoughts on exercising inside when it’s nice or hot out? What do you do about dirty gym clothes? Any one have any running paths in NY they could share with me? I need something new 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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One Response to The heat won’t keep me cooped up!

  1. i think its nuts ppl run the treadmill when they could be outdoors.

    like u said, in the snow and cold.. totally ok! but it’s too stuffy in gyms any other time.

    sounds like u had a great run! im gonna be stealing your washing the clothes in the sink tip 🙂

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