‘Cause it never hurts to smile…

Lately I’ve been feeling kinda “blah,” down and out. I’m really not sure why, I’m a total summer person so this should be my time to shine! When it’s 80 degrees and sunny I don’t totally have the seasonal depression (I swear every NY’er has it) excuse anymore. So in attempts to turn my frown upside down I’ve decided to write down a list of the positive things in my life and things to look forward:

  • I’m young and healthy!
  • I CAN run…this is a biggy because before this year I’ve always claimed that I “can’t run.” After running my first 1/2 marathon I think I busted through that theory
  • Conquering the Queens 1/2 Marathon in extreme heat
  • I’m going to dinner with two wonderful friends tomorrow night that I was lucky enough to meet on my first job after college almost 4 years ago and stayed in touch despite many career moves
  • I’m going to the Shecky’s Wine Tasting and Shopping event Saturday with girl friends! Wine & shopping = heaven
  • Warm summer nights (like tonight!)
  • Corn on the cob and burgers (veggie or regular, they all say summer)
  • My hip/butt/back pain easing up slowly but surely
  • The ability to walk to work – even if it is 2 miles, I love starting my morning with a walk (and run)
  • My amazing bf who puts up with my mood swings and random crankiness
  • Moving!
  • My newly instituted Muffin Mondays because what better way to start the week? Lately I’ve been getting the Organic Chia Seed Muffin from Le Pain Quotidien…it makes me feel healthy because it has Chai Seeds and please do not ruin my ignorant bliss 🙂
  • Sleeping in a little later Wednesdays, even if I do wake up the same time as usual to get a longer run in
  •  Rooftop movies….The NY version of a drive-thru
I have to be honest, even as I write this list I find it hard to be positive. There’s many things I wanted to write that would have a large “but” afterwards so I decided to leave those off. Anyways, time to put the blues behind me and start tomorrow off new! 
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