Training to not train?

I signed up for the Queens 1/2 Marathon on July 30th back in May before I realized I was to injured and would probably have to take things slow and add in some recovery like PT and rest days.

In the beginning of May I took a two week break from running, since I was in Italy anyways, in order to “heal.” As you may remember, it didn’t really work (the healing part I mean), so I decide to start my 1/2 Marathon training by just taking it slow. I told myself May would just be building up a solid base of short runs -3,4,5 miles. The beginning of June would be when I start to focus and pick it up a bit and mid – end of June would be my “push it” state. This was all planned under the knowledge though that I may choice to not run the Queens 1/2 and I’d be OK with that. I am training in order to get my body to where I need to be in order to run the race, but if I feel I an unable to get there in time, I’m OK with that. I have to acknowledge the fact that I have a lot going against me with this training.

  • I’m injured
  • Weather cranked up to 80 degrees and humid with out any nice transition (it’s a whole separate challenge running in NY in June/July
  • I will have to wake up even earlier in the mornings to be able to get my runs in prior to the heat rising too much
  • Mixing a social life with a training plan is DIFFICULT
  • I haven’t been able to sleep well these past few weeks, which makes waking up early to run feel like hell

So that being said, I don’t want to hurt my body or lose my friends over one silly 1/2 marathon. So if hanging out with friends one night means I miss my run the next morning that’s fine. It’s just about finding balance, which I struggle with. 

Yeah, so now I’m in that grey area of “training, but not really.” I hope it works out well for me! I tend to push myself either way 🙂

QUESTION : How do you deal with situations where your friends and or coworkers want you to go out drinking or to dinner late, but you’re looking forward to an early long run? Do you suck is up, stay out and risk dragging a bit on the run? Or say no?


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3 Responses to Training to not train?

  1. MarathonLegs says:

    No. I’m always up front and pretty stern when it comes to my early morning run days. Company that comes over to the house is warned before hand that it’s NOT going to be a late night fest of movies, drinking, eating, and conversation, because I have an early morning run. If they still don’t get it I drop it and do my own thing.

  2. Dori says:

    I’ve done “training but not really.” My best advice is to do what you can now, don’t push too hard, and see how you feel that week.

    I know what you mean about balancing training with social life. That is part of the reason NYC will be my first and only marathon!

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