Facing Fears…even the small ones

I have a general life policy, do that which scares you the most.

Disclaimer: I do not apply this logic to anything having to do with rodents, some fears we’ll let be. 

This morning I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed to run. I haven’t been sleeping well (maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s work stress, who knows) so I woke up feeling wiped out. I was kind of sad when I realized on my walk to work what nice running weather it was – warm, but not TOO hott and not overly humid either *sigh.*  So, this evening I was woking home from work around 6pm and felt quite energize (extremely unusual for me after work) and the thought of getting a run in before the impending rain tomorrow popped into my head. I had an internal battle with myself because I’m still a “fearfull” runner, I haven’t quite comes to terms with the fact that I am able run over a mile without panting. Every time I go out for a run I still have slight fear that I won’t be able to do it, that I won’t be able to finish however many miles I’ve set for myself. That fear combined with the fact that I NEVER run after work and it was uncharted territory for my body, scared me (could I run before dinner? Would I be hungry or full from my Cliff bar? When would it get dark? Would I realize the second I took a step that I really was exhausted after all?). Well, after I reasoned with myself that the only reason I wouldn’t run tonight was because I was scared, I knew I had to do it. So I put on my sweaty running clothes (I truly apologize to those who had to ride the elevator with me) and head out towards my usual path along the East River. It was a beautiful nice and a wonderful run! The weather was perfect – cloudy, warm, not too humid and a slight breeze. I was energize by the large amount of people that were out and about along the river – hanging out, running, fishing, reading, whatever it may be! I ended up completing 5miles when I had planned on 3miles.

Sometimes I feel like my running is a parallel to the rest of my life – just as I decided to face one of my running fears tonight, I just recently decided to face another fear of mine and move in with my boyfriend.

Well now I’m beat from my evening run, so time to hit the sack! Wishing everyone an early Happy Friday!!!

QUESTION: What are your “running fears?” How have you over come them?



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