Italy Recap

I got back to NYC on Sunday night from my 10 day vacation in Italy.  I think pictures explain my trip the best: lots of food, wine and sunshine – absolute bliss 🙂

The vacation was well needed. It was so nice to actually get to live life listening to what your body wants for 10 days, meaning going to sleep when I was tired, waking up when I wanted to, eating when I was hungry. We (my boyfriend and I) did a LOT of walking on the trip and took a long bike ride one day, but besides that I only ran 1 day. Before I left I was told by a doctor to take it easy for a while, so I decided to use this vacation to physical and mentally relax.

I wish an authentic Italian women would right a book on the perfect “diet.” I put the term diet in quotes because I use the term to describe the way one eats, not deprivation. Italians take time to enjoy their food and don’t focus on calories or carbs; they eat what’s natural and fresh. One big lesson learned – it is possible to eat pasta very day (sometimes twice a day!) and not gain weight. Carbs are not an enemy. Neither are fats! I had more olive oil in 10 days than I probably have in a year. I felt wonderful and not a pound gained for the record. Instead of snacking every 3 hours, I had satisfying meals that would keep me full until the next. The fresh mozzarella there was UNREAL. It felt like air, seriously, so light and FRESH. It was really funny, we’d go out to lunch and see people litterally eating huge balls (think tennis ball size) of mozzarella. At first I thought they were insane – who could eat that much cheese!?! Along with the pasta, veggies and seafood also on their plate…Then I was served a side of big fresh mozzarella balls with a salad I was having at lunch and I understood. It was so tasty and light, of course you’d eat so much of it! I could write on and on for ages about the food in Italy. Oh, we also had this delicious natural Jam made from Quince at a Farmhouse we were staying at. I bought some to bring home and have been having it on PB sandwiches haha. Italians don’t generally eat peanut butter, but hey, I have to incorporate my own unique flare.

I’m still extremely jet lagged so I’m going to end this post here for now and hit the hay. However, I will follow up with more about my trip and more importantly, what my journey and time away has taught me.


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5 Responses to Italy Recap

  1. Dori says:

    Oh that pizza. I need that. Very jealous of such an amazing vacation!

  2. meganmumbles says:

    hmmm the PIZZA!!! Your vacation looks amazing!! Glad you had fun!!

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