Injured – Man down man down!

I hate to use the term “injured” because its solidifying that something wrong. I unfortunately think it may be reality in this case though. As I wrote in my last post, I’ve been having a throbbing hip/butt pain, as well as soreness in that area. Saturday I took the plunge and went to the doctor. His prognosis – trochanteric bursitis. Sounds scary does it? Here is a description of what it is:

The part that has been bothering me the most though, pain aside (I can handle pain), is that all the treatments I’ve read online, as well as doctor’s orders, call for rest. The doctor told me NOT to run or do any exercise involving my hips until the pain in gone for 1 whole week. At that point I can start running again, but build up slowly and stop if I feel pain. I received the diagnosis on Saturday afternoon, but for sure there’s no way the doctor meant don’t run on a sunny, gorgeous day – right!? About an hour after the check up, I went for a 5 mile run along the east river. I just couldn’t help it, I can’t stand being told NOT to do something and it was a beautiful day! In my defense, I had to take advantage.

Let’s just say I rebelled a bit following my doctor appoint and also got in a 6mile run Sunday and a 3mile run after work on Monday. This morning when I woke up with pain from laying on my side, though, I decided to skip the run.

I’m at a loss and don’t know what to do. It took me the first 25 years of my life to actually pick up on running and enjoy it. I’ve found a new passion (can I use that word?) in running, a release, and now I’m being told I can’t do it. Part of me wants to ignore it – from my readings what happens if you ignore it and keep on going with the activity that caused the bursitis, the condition becomes chronic. Chronic essentially meaning that the injury does not worsen, you just lose the opportunity to ever get rid of the pain. As I write this, that sounds more daunting to me than I previously realized. However, I also have a bad feeling that if I rest until I’m healed and then start running again, the pain will just come back. So, in the end it’s kind of the same thing as “chronic,” just you get a week break in between pain cycles.

I’m going to Italy tomorrow for 10 days (yey!) so that will probably give me a natural break from running. My action plan it to try and listen to the pain in my body more and hopefully rest – I have to say hopefully because I don’t want to lie to myself and anyone who may be reading this.

QUESTION: Have you ever been injured and told not to do an activity? How’d you deal?

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10 Responses to Injured – Man down man down!

  1. BML says:

    ANSWER: I’m pretty ignorant to people telling me I can’t. It seems to just motivate me. However, I’m open ears to when my body is telling me I can’t. Big difference. I’ve always had left ankle problems since tearing up stuff during track in 7th grade. But since, my mantra to sprained ankles is, if I can walk, I can run. I never push myself during those runs, but I always make an attempt to finish. Again, you should know what your body is telling you. If it’s saying this won’t work, than stop. At least you made an attempt rather than sitting at home wondering.

    Remember, sometimes you may be given indications that you can, but it’s so so important that you first prepare, and then test it a bit, your body will let you know what’s up. That’s how collegiate and professional athletes judge whether or not to play a game. Just don’t be stupid to feed your ego; just because you had a taste doesn’t mean you need the entree. Trust me, I’ve been there. Don’t intend for it to sound harsh, but injuries, no matter how minor, are a serious deal.

    But for me, doing anything with injuries requires preparations. The key for me tho is pre-run therapy, including stretches, massages, and also knowing how to use athletic tape to minimize any pain and for added support. By the time I’ve done that, and run my first mile, that mild sprain is long gone and a thing of the past. And as with the pre-run therapy, immediately start the same thing post-run. Luckily for me, my body recovers rather quickly. Hope that may help some.


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