Today’s Epiphany!

Strength training actually DOES improver your running performance and help you run faster!

When I started training in January for my first 1/2 marathon that was on April 3rd, I completely cut out strength training and focused 100% on running. I was a running machine…and literally running on a machine , the treadmill (haha had to throw in a little dorky humor). It was mainly due to time and energy that I cut out strength training. However, I’ve read many places that you should combine strength training in with your running routine in order to prevent injury and improve running performance. After I completed the 1/2 Marathon, I made it my goal to start slowly working in weights and lungs, etc again. The first weight training session I did 3 days after the race and the next morning I was in PAIN. Sore to the touch. That’s what doing lungs and squats with weights after running 13miles AND after not doing them in months will do to you. After that it was hard to start up again, but I did another weight session this Saturday as well (maybe a little less intense) and when I ran this morning it felt good! I could feel the muscles in my thighs and quads propelling me forward. I ran 4miles at my fastest pace this morning, coming in at a 9:50 miles.

So I think I’ll continue strength training, trying to incorporate it in 1-2 times a week since I’m not good with double exercise sessions (meaning cardio and strength training on the same day) and I do still want to keep up running.

QUESTION: Do you balance cardio and strength training your workout? Any tips?

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One Response to Today’s Epiphany!

  1. meganmumbles says:

    I JUST started incorporating Strength Training and Running.. I honestly have no idea what I am doing with Strength Training but I have been following Nike Training and I like it.. I kinda love getting sore and then loosening my legs up the next day with run!

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