26 Sounds Like a Beautiful Age

Today is my 26th Birthday and it was a wonderful day 🙂

I’m not a huge Birthday person, however, I do get a little excited every year about the day. After all, I LOVE cake. I spent my Birthday the way I prefer, low key and surrounded by close friends. I had a Birthday Brunch at a cute, small, Italian Restaurant in alphabet city – Spina. It was really nice and made me feel good that everyone showed up.

The food at Spina was delicious and the wait staff were very friendly and attentive (but not annoying attentive). I had two fried eggs that were served over polenta and spinach – yuuum. It was the perfect spot for a Birthday brunch, or really any brunch. Also, it was one of the few restaurants in NY that I’ve been to where you can actually hear and talk to the poeple at your table – No loud music blasting and no poor acoustics. I plan on going back there for dinner sometime.

If I haven’t mentioned before I’m OBSESSED with cake. It’s my one guilty pleasure and major food weakness. What can I say, buttercream icing makes me melt (which is strange since I generally hate the taste of buttery foods). My bf picked up a cake , which I had pointed out multiple times over the past few months, from my favorite bakery on the corner of 27th and 3rd Ave.

For some reason the restaurant decided to cut it before they brought it out, so I didn’t get a picture of the “Happy Birthday Katherine” that was written in Pink. It was tasty non the less!

People often “fear” getting older and it’s mainly because they’re not where they thought they’d be at that point in their life. I actually feel the complete opposite. No I don’t love getting older, but on this day of reflection, I’m extremely happy with where I am in life. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in 26 years of life; from my career, to friends/family/relationships, to over coming personal challenges. Call me idealistic, but I believe if you take the effort/time to accomplish mini goals, conquer fears and remember to take care of yourself, while putting others first, you should be proud of every year you live.

Today may be my Birthday, but this day should be dedicated to all the wonderful people in my life. After all, without them there’s really nothing to celebrate.

Who in your life do you appreciate the most? What makes them special to you?


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2 Responses to 26 Sounds Like a Beautiful Age

  1. meganmumbles says:

    Ahhh Happy Late Birthday!!! I hope you had a fabulous birthday!!

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