Post-Race Depression

I was such a high all last week leading up to my first 1/2 marathon and then Sunday after I completed the race I was ecstatic! Come Monday this week, though, I’ve felt an empty space in my gut bringing me down. For the past 2 and 1/2 months I’ve focused on this seemingly unattainable goal and now that I’ve achieved it, I don’t really know what to do! It’s like a breakup when you’re used to talking to someone everyday, seeing them all the time, relying on them…and then it’s gone and your lost.

I’ve thought about a few goals I can set in the future to help bring me up. I plan on running the Queens 1/2 Marathon in July and a goal could be to bring up my time. For a quick second I threw around the idea of actually running the NY Marathon in November, but then I realized it’s the day after a friend’s wedding so that probably wouldn’t work out.

My 26th Birthday is coming up this Sunday, so I feel like I should just focus on that for now and try to mentally extend my high from Sunday. Take the week off to relax and enjoy myself a bit! I never really take the time to embrace positive moments, instead I’m always looking to what I can do in the future. That’s a huge flaw that I really need to work on.

That being sad, my goal this week is to listen to my body and heart and do what feels right. This morning I told myself if I wasn’t still sore I’d go for a run if I FELT like it. I woke up too early (I have trouble sleeping too long, it’s weird) and by 7am I was antsy. When I realized it wasn’t raining yet I decided to take the opportunity to go for a 3mile run. It was so warm out! The impending rain made the east river quite picturesque. I’m glad I did JUST a 3mile run and didn’t push myself. I’m still feeling some pain in my left thigh so I need to take it easy.

QUESTION: I’m curious, what are your long term and short term goals for 2011 and beyond? Maybe I can gather some good ideas 🙂


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